Broadband in Brussels

(post seems to have disappeared when I migrated to WordPress I have what is proving to be an expensive habit: I’m subscribed to over 30 podcasts (including e.g. Diggnation at 300MB/week), I regularly download software to try out, I use BitTorrent on a regular basis, I buy stuff on iTunes. All that adds up to … Continue reading Broadband in Brussels

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress 2.0

Ever since I saw the new ‘import from Blogger’ functionality in WordPress 2.0, I’ve known I would eventually migrate my main blog. Blogger is a great way to start blogging , but I want categories, easy template updating (without republish) and all the WordPress plug-in sweetness. As a dress rehearsal, I migrated my Dutch poetry … Continue reading Migrating from Blogger to WordPress 2.0