LeWeb3 is actually “Loic for president”

For some reason this “web” conference has been transformed into a political rally.

  • First, this morning Shimon Peres shows up to talk about world peace.
  • This afternoon, out of the blue, we’re supposed to welcome Nicholas Sarkozy (UMP).
  • And equally unexpected we just had a political statement by his political counterpart François Bayrou (UDF)

This bothers me a lot:

  • Loic Lemeur might have political ambitions, right in time for the French Presidential race, but that does not mean he has to turn a conference about technology and social software into a political forum
  • I have tremendous respect for Mr. Peres, but this is not the time nor place to have this kind of presentation.
  • I did not pay over €600 (fee/hotel/travel) to come and listen to self-involved French politicians talk about why they want to run for president
  • The whole conference scheme has been changed and compressed for allowing hours of (for most of us) irrelevant monologue
  • Loic was proud that 55% of attendees were not French, but then he gives the stage to French candidates speaking French

Countries on Le Web 3

I’m pissed off, and I’m certainly not the only one!

29 thoughts on “LeWeb3 is actually “Loic for president”

  1. Pym

    I agree with you, it seems that this conference has been transformed into a political forum.

    Finally I’m happy I didn’t went there

  2. Christophe

    I completely agree and also feel betrayed in some sort of way. And other people I spoke to, are not feeling comfortable with the way it’s developing as well. Really strange & cynical stuff that is happening here…It’s as if this conference is “the launch platform” for Loïc into the political sphere. Sad, for us…

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  7. Jose A. del Moral

    You are basically right, but we have to admit too that preparing such a huge conference in just 50 days is not so easy. The level of people coming and the level of people giving speaches is quite high. It is a pity Loic hurts it because he is a french man and there are elections next year. What i think Loic should do for next year’s conference is creating a committee of people from different countries which decides on the program.

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  15. Doctor Buze

    Le Meur bosse pour l’UMP.
    Ceci explique cela.
    Le Meur works for UMP.
    This explain that.
    That’ all folks.

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  19. Philippe Borremans

    Amaai as we say here in Belgium…

    I thought of coming but then decided that this conference was not really my place as I need to “evangelize” according to my job description at IBM and all people there are already convinced of the impact social media have.

    On the other hand I feel I missed something now… Or is that cynical ?

    I heard voices rising for a real European conference on social media… Anyone interested ? I am…. But then one with real case studies, not hype. One that would speak to the “non initiated” as well as the “converted”. Would that be possible ?

    Of course, such a conference would need to be organized in Brussels 😉

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