Mastika Peshtera

I went to Bulgaria in August, and one of the things I remarked there is that standards for advertising are somewhat different over there. One of the champions is Mastika Peshtera (“Мастика Пещера” –  a.k.a. ‘the Bulgarian afrodisiac‘). They use scantily dressed women and green striped melons on strategic places to stress the afrodisiac dimension. Imagine this type of advertising in Belgium. What would reactions be?
Bulgarian advertising: Mastika Peshtera

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2 thoughts on “Mastika Peshtera

  1. Dan

    Sigh. Seems like there is some beautiful scenery in Bulgaria. 🙂 Seriously, interesting man on the street update on your many fascinating travel adventures. Loved the tango photo tips too by the way. I have a friend who has been asked to photograph a professional dance troupe and he is way out of his league. I’m going to send him to your blog for a read.


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