Barcamp Brussels #4: 10 days to go

barcamp brussels #4

Barcamp Brussels #4 is coming closer: Saturday Dec 1st is 10 days away. Our main sponsor is MSN/Windows Live.

If you’re not already on the attendee list (we’re around 70 now), please hurry, we have to close that list on Monday to fix the right quantities for catering.

Some last remarks:

  • As usual, we start at 9AM, we stop at 6PM. 
  • Parking is no problem, we can use the mVillage parking that’s empty anyway, since it’s a Saturday. 
  • Who wants to record videos? Out of experience I can only say I cannot do it myself, nor can I make them ready afterwards for Youtube/GVideo. So I need 3-5 people taking care of that.
  • Anyone doing anything with photography, like the previous time?

Announced: Barcamp Brussels #4

It’s almost been 6 months, so here we go for the 4th time: I’m starting the preparations for Barcamp Brussels #4.

Barcamp Brussels #4

The proposed dates are: Nov 24th or Dec 1st. Location: to be defined. Sponsors: to be defined (you know how to reach me). Logo can be found on Flickr.

If you want to attend and/or present: please add your name to

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My first picture in the papers

De Morgen: artikel
An Baccaert wrote an article in De Morgen about Nathalie and Andrés, who are representing the Benelux in the ‘Mundial de Tango‘ in Buenos Aires. She wanted a nice picture to include with the article and came across one I made at the Tango Marathon in June.

She asked me if she could use it, and because An is a friend of mine, because I know Nathalie, because I use a Creative Commons license and maybe also a bit because I like the idea of having an image of mine in the papers, I agreed. So there it is: my first newspaper publication!

(hat tip to Clopin for getting me the PDF version!)

Metatale RSS widgets

I continued to work a bit on stuff one could do with the Metatale data. As a result, here are 2 RSS-based widgets for Metatale, that you can embed on your site:

Top 100 in RSS format

metatale search
The ATOM/RSS feed MetataleTop100 (through Feedburner) now lists all 100 blogs in the top 100 of Metatale. You can use it in your RSS reader (it’s in my Bloglines), show it on your blog (like my Metatale Flemish Top 20 page) or recycle it with Yahoo! Pipes or whatever. It’s RSS, so it’s easy to process.

I’ve included in each blog description: its place in the Top 100, its Metatale influence indicator (a number between 0 and 25, plus a graphical representation of it), a screenshot of the homepage, a link to check Pagerank and incoming Technorati links and one for a more comprehensive blog dashboard.

Search results in RSS format (a.k.a. What’s my score?)

I also have a way for you to show your own ranking on your blog. You can do a search for a keyword in the blog names (‘’ or ‘forret’ would show mine, ‘wordpress’ will show all * blogs like the image I’ve displayed here) and get the results in RSS. You can choose a ‘small’ or ‘short’ output format (without screenshot and links), because the screenshot is 270 pixels wide, and that might be too much of a good thing for some sidebars.
Use the following wizard to create the URL of your custom RSS feed:

Metatale custom RSS
Search for: Short result (no screenshot)

For both applications: all suggestions are welcome!

UPDATE: because Clo asked me nicely: here’s a Javascript version of the widget:
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" src="[search term]"></SCRIPT>

Bwards: URL overload

BwardsToo many URLs
I’d list everyone I’ve talked to yesterday, if only I could remember. Some random memories: Dramoghe is a girl, Hendrik has a beard, Sven has a nice blogless girlfriend (enchanté!), LittleQ is about my size without her shoes, Onnozelaar thought my age was 28 (thanks, but you should see me on the painting in the attic) and we ate looooooots of Crokidos!

1) a singer: I was drinking. 2) standup comedy: I was talking. 3) rappers: I was hanging out with Ine and Lien. There was one video of the Stew crew that I appreciated a lot:

How Twogirls, Dramoghe, KleineKeizerin, Onnozelaar are all created by one guy, a certain Abel Ransbottyn.
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