TV Show scoring: the decline of True Blood

I got the DVDs of the 3 True Blood seasons for Christmas and when I started watching , I really got into it. Sookie is adorable, Jason is charming with a low IQ (and strongly resembles George W), there’s the interesting parts of how vampires and humans live together, with some comments on racism and homophobia. Season 1 was just great, and I was telling everyone around me to start watching it too.

Then, during Season 2, the quality seemed to drop. The dialogues seemed ridiculous at times, the script didn’t go anywhere, and then at the end, there were two really silly episodes. I’m currently watching Season 3, and still I am frequently disappointed by the acting, the lines, the plot. So I thought: wouldn’t it be nice that if you start watching a show that has been around for some time, several seasons for instance, that you could get some idea about what quality to expect. Is there data for this? Yes, my favourite TV show portal has collected scores for each episode from its users. All I needed was some way to summarize and visualize it. So that’s what I made.

TV Show scores for True Blood

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TV Tip: Californication

Californication: s01e01

Since I have a lot of time on my hands, with my pneumonia and all, I started looking at TV series I hadn’t seen yet. I borrowed the Sopranos DVDs, but I also tried out some ‘alternative distribution’ series. Supernatural is not really my thing, Jericho is OK, Weeds seems not bad at all, but my current favourite is definitely “Californication“.

David Duchovny heads up the cast in this comedy about a novelist with sex and drug addictions who is struggling to raise his daughter half the time, while having problems with his ex-girlfriend.

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Fight for kisses

Fight for Kisses

‘Look who’s talking’ meets ‘The Matrix’ meets ‘Chucky’: a funny spot for Wilkinson Quattro.

Responsables annonceur : Eric Oriot, Catherine Brandenberger et Stéphane Rosen
Responsables agence : Florent Sallard, Chloé Larmurier et Cyrine Boussena
Responsable innovation : Olivier Sebag
Directeur artistique : Xavier Beauregard
Concepteur rédacteur : Vincent Pedrocchi
TV Producer : Elisabeth Boitte
Réalisateur : Akama
Maison de production : Wanda
Production son: THE
Musique: midnight run / Xavier Berthelot

Google moving into Interactive TV

Google is looking for a “Product Manager – Interactive TV”:

In this role, you will provide leadership on product vision and execution of projects that enable using Google’s search and advertising technologies to enhance users’ Television viewing experience.
These (trends) include but are not limited to the intersection of internet and Television technologies, video-on-demand, personal video recorders and emergence of next generation set-top-boxes with IP connectivity. You will then identify areas where use of Google’s search and advertising technology can enhance this user experience and define appropriate products to deliver these user benefits
from Google jobs

Google TV: with advertising?

Fewer people will be channel surfing, and more people will want to sit down and literally search for something to watch.
radioactiveyak via CNN Money

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Big Brother and the Pfaffs: the end of reality TV, please

De Pfaffs: Jean-Marie en Carmen
Yesterday, while waiting for the Parelvissers to start on één, my zapping pattern made me stumble upon

  • Big Brother: some ‘grown-ups’ were fishing rubber ducks out of a pool with forced enthusiasm
  • De Pfaffs: 2 ‘grown-up’ men couldn’t work out how to install a game console and resorted to drinking half a dozen beers out of a home tap, in glasses featuring the face of their father-in-law (Jean-Marie Pfaff, Belgium’s best example of ‘brains don’t matter’)

Ironically, the excellent ‘Parelvissers’ show is about the decay of a formerly successful TV production company that falls apart because they produce more and more shitty stuff. I wonder how many of the people in Endemol (Big Brother) or Eyeworks (de Pfaffs) have a déjà-vu feeling when watching the series. “A show that features old people reading their will on TV and explaining why cousin X doesn’t get anything, hey, we had that idea too!“.

Watching Big Brother for 5 minutes was bad enough, but the Pfaffs episode was really embarrassing. Two guys in their late twenties fruitlessly struggling with a game console and a huge flat screen, a pregnant daughter talking to her doctor about her stool inconsistency, a 50-year ex-goalie talking about the importance of friendship while wearing sponsored shirts, … there’s just that much a sensible person can take. This is Reality television when the genre has outstayed its welcome, when they’re just trying to milk a dead cow. Reality TV is dead. Let’s see what’s on the other channels …

Roos Van Acker’s brain

Roos Van ackerI cannot say I felt nothing when I saw the latest Humo cover. It started with “Mmmmm … Roos Van Acker” (I’m a guy, what can I say, I’m not alone in this).

But then my rational side took over. I started worrying about the damage this must do to her personality. Admit: she has been on the coverpage of Humo a couple of dozen times in various states of undress (the most famous one where she only holds 2 coconuts as an improvised bra) and she has just be chosen for X-th time in Humo’s Pop Poll in the category ‘Who do you want to see naked?” (“Wie wilt u uit de kleren zien gaan“). Thousands of men screaming to see your breasts, that can’t be beneficial for a girl’s self-esteem. We should really stop, guys, before it’s too late. Chances are that in 5 to 10 years, there will be no crowds cheering for her to drop her top and we don’t want her to fall into a depression and stuff herself with chocolate.
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Guys and head bands

Small rant ahead:
De Diadeem van Van Asbroeck

One of Flanders’ fine actors, Peter Van Asbroeck, has let his hair grow. Way too long. And to make sure he doesn’t get any between his teeth, he has resorted to wearing a head band. Not a macho type of hair band – as far as that is possible – but the most sissy of hairbands: the stretching ‘diadem’ (we call them ‘diadeem’). For a guy that puts ‘Miami Vice’-like pictures on his website, takes pride in showing of his muscles – and as of more recently, his beer bulge – that is a surprising decision.
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