Domain Registry of America

I have been threatened with a law suit by Domain Registry of America because of the things I have written about them on this website. Since they have given me very little time to consult with my legal representation, all web pages on this blog that referred to Domain Registry of America (DROA), Domain Renewal Group (DRG), Domain Registry of Canada (DROC), Internet Registry of Canada (IROC) and/or Mr Alan Benlolo, now point to this page.

If you have found this page because you received a letter in the mail from any of the companies above, and you were wondering what you need to do: check first who is your domain registrar, who manages your domain. Most probably, your domain name is hosted with another company, it will not expire in the near future, and there is nothing you need to do.

Also, read further on the following pages:

One thought on “Domain Registry of America”

  1. What bullocks, I hate to see crummy companies using the legal system as coverfire for companies who take advantage of unsuspecting folks.

    I got two in the mail today, I’m a domainer and just looking at the envelop it was obvious this was garbage. It does trouble me though that I know a lot of good folks who may fall for this garbage, find out it’s a scam, and be reluctant to continue online.

    This is really the lowest of the low. :(

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