Pecha Kucha Brussels

Pech Kucha Brussels

I know I’m a bit late,and Ine, Bruno, Bart and … have already given their opinions, but  I still needed an excuse to post some pictures of the event, so: last weekend I went to Pecha Kucha Brussels!

Pecha Kucha Brussels As everyone already mentioned, one presentation really jumped out: professor Jean Paul van Bendegem with his presentation “Wunderkammer”. It started with the painting “The origin of the world” by Gustave Courbet, which is essentially a frontal view of the crotch of a naked woman, which of course is a good way to catch the audience’s attention.

He then started free associating via freemasonry, over the Sherlock Holmes society, over women’s bottoms, the painting of the nude woman in court (I forget the details) and ended with the painting of a man’s crotch called “The origin of war”. There was no real message, but the voyage was vivid and entertaining.
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MIVB en Google Transit

Wouldn’t this be a great idea: the Brussels public transport not mapped by MIVB‘s horribly unpractical route planner, but by Google’s Transit maps. You just need to get an export of the stops, the routes and the times, and they can be shown on Google Maps just like that. Where should we start looking for the source data? Then create agency.txt, stops.txt, routes.txt, trips.txt, stop_times.txt, calendar.txt and that’s it.

Google Transit Feed

Google transit

Barcamp Brussels #4: 10 days to go

barcamp brussels #4

Barcamp Brussels #4 is coming closer: Saturday Dec 1st is 10 days away. Our main sponsor is MSN/Windows Live.

If you’re not already on the attendee list (we’re around 70 now), please hurry, we have to close that list on Monday to fix the right quantities for catering.

Some last remarks:

  • As usual, we start at 9AM, we stop at 6PM. 
  • Parking is no problem, we can use the mVillage parking that’s empty anyway, since it’s a Saturday. 
  • Who wants to record videos? Out of experience I can only say I cannot do it myself, nor can I make them ready afterwards for Youtube/GVideo. So I need 3-5 people taking care of that.
  • Anyone doing anything with photography, like the previous time?

Barcamp Where #4

Barcamp Brussels #4
I’m getting a little nervous. Barcamp Brussels is gonna happen on Nov 24th or Dec 1st and I still haven’t found a location. All my options have returned negative. The previous times I never really had a problem with that.

So I’m gonna put the question out there: who knows a nice location for Barcamp Brussels #4? If possible, I would actually like it to be hosted at someone’s offices, since it’s on a Saturday anyway …

  • In Brussels (not just the center, let’s take Brussel/Halle/Vilvoorde)
  • I expect around 100 attendees 
  • we need 3-4 presentation rooms of 20-30 persons each
  • a hall or lounge with seats and coffee would be nice
  • catering on-site or otherwise a neighbourhood with restaurants at walking distance
  • available Wifi would be handy – or we can set that up ourselves
  • preferably easy to reach by public transport, or with sufficient parking
  • if the location costs more than, say, 2000€, it’s not an option.
  • I tried a lot of socio-cultural venues (KVS, BSB, DeBuren, BTCCTB …) , but the moment I mention ‘Internet’ they say ‘no’. So I gave up on those.
  • none of the locations of the previous events

Suggestions welcome via mail or comment!

Barcamp Brussels: 10 days to go!

Saturday 20 May

Barcamp Brussels logo

Like M.A.R.R.S. said: “Countdown is progressive“. Ten days from now we’ll be frantically preparing the International Press Center for Barcamp Brussels. This is the progress report:

  • We have found some very helpful sponsors (including Skynet) to help us with catering and equipment.
  • Everything will be recorded and made available afterwards. Ine will be coordinating the audio/video podcast efforts.
  • We have just jumped above 40 attendees on the Barcamp attendee list. Fifty would be an even nicer number. If you still know other people that could be interested to attend, just ask them! (more details on the concept here!)


If you want to attend, this is what you should do:

  1. add your name to the attendee list
  2. add your topic/speech/demo to the topic list
  3. prepare your topic (Powerpoint, web demo, panel discussion)
  4. show up on Saturday May 20th!

Barcamp Brussels: May 20 2006

So there it is: after some feedback on my Barcamp announcement post, we fixed the date and location for Barcamp Brussels!


  • Saturday May 20th 2006 (breakfast at 9am, presentations start at 10h and end around 18h)
  • International Presscenter (Résidence Palace)
    Presscenter Patio
    (although: dress code casual – no suits 😉 )
  • All presentations can be put on the presentation board upon arrival. There will be 3 to 4 presentation rooms for simultaneous topics.
  • there will be free Wifi, food, drinks and lots of hi-tech around.

One remark: although this might seem to be a geek-event par excellence, this is not for-geeks-only. There will be technical presentations, granted, but we also expect interesting talks about social, psychological and esthetic topics. You do not need programming skills or an engineering degree, just a vivid interest in modern society. You’re interested in the etymology of smilies, the effect of gaming on ADHD, the psychological implications of serif and sans-serif fonts? There’s a topic for your presentation!


  • All attendees must give a demo, a session, or help out in some way.
  • Add your name to the list on
  • you can add the following badge to your blog/site/emails:

    everyone is invited to participate and the more the merrier.

  • subscribe to the Barcamp Brussels Yahoo group to keep posted on developments and connect with other Barcampers (to prepare a joint presentation/demo or to arrange for car pooling)

Everyone who wants to help out for the practical organisation (mostly the week before) can drop me a line or tell me through the Yahoo group. I already want to thank Bart for helping us out with the venue and hope we can welcome a whole bunch of you on May 20th!

Barcamp Brussels: May 2006

Barcamp Brussel
Last year we organised a fairly successfull blogger’s dinner in Brussels, and now we’re gonna try something different:
next May we will have a Barcamp Brussels event.


Barcamp NY
(photo by miss_rogue)

Barcamp was first organised in LA by Chris Messina and some buddies.

BarCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.

It is not your regular conference:

  • No spectators, only participants: Attendees must give a demo, a session, or help with one. All presentions are scheduled the day they happen. Prepare in advance, but come early to get a slot on the wall.
  • No fixed agenda: talks, demos and topics are proposed by the attendees when they arrive on a central whiteboard.

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Brussels Bloggers Meeting on Oct 7

(NL versie hieronder – version FR ci-dessous)

After the Geek Dinner (Jan 2005) and Blog Dinner (Jun 2005) in Ghent – organised by Smetty – it is now time for the Brussels connection.

I am organizing together with Bart VH the very first
Brussels Bloggers Dinner.

All you bloggers, vloggers, photo- and groupbloggers and other podcasters are kindly invited to mingle with your peers at the splendid International Press Center aka Résidence Palace. This meeting is rather casual and informal (no smoking required) and open for all Belgian-based bloggers (NL/FR/EN). It will feature some light and short presentations (topics still to be chosen – propose your own on the site!) and an equally easy-to-digest pasta meal (10 euro for pasta + water ad lib and a coffee). For those who work late or have other dinner appointments, you are still welcome to drop by around 22h and see what you’ve missed.

Subscription is required so we can plan the catering: you can add your name to the ‘WillAttend’ wiki page.

Be there or B²!


— NL (in ‘t kort)
Op vrijdag 7 oktober is de eerste Brussels Bloggers Dinner in de Résidence Palace, Wetstraat – Brussel. Een informele eet- en drinkgelegenheid waar u andere bloggers kan ontmoeten, een gezicht op de URL plakken en kletsen over van alles en nog wat. Alle details over de maaltijd (spaghetti), de locatie (gezet in 1923), de korte presentaties en inschrijvingsprocedure vindt u op de site.

— FR (en bref)
Le vendredi 7 octobre on organise le premier Brussels Bloggers Dinner au résidence Palace, Rue de la Loi à Bruxelles. Une occasion unique pour rencontrer des autes bloggeurs, pour coller un visage sur des liens et pour pappotter sur pleins de choses. Tous les details sur le repas (spaghetti), l’endroit (construit en 1923), les presentations courtes et la procédure d’inscription se trouvent sur le site!