“I will you in the night” – Idool 2003

At the Pixagogo reunion dinner the other evening, I was reminded by one of my ex-colleagues Steven (‘Beukie‘) that back in 2003 I was having some fun with remixes/mashups. More specifically, I took some vocals of the Belgian “Idool 2003” preselections, and added music to them. To make the exercise more fun, I took samples from the ones that were really musically challenged.

So I went back in my archives and here are the three that I found:

  • “I will you in the night”
    Marnik had translated a Flemish song, into his own ‘impoverisation’, as he proudly announces. Unfortunately, the Dutch “Ik wil je” (I want you) does not normally translate into the English “I will you“.

    I also found back the original clip on Youtube (via partybrigade):
  • “But if I let you go”
    This ‘Pieter’ was officially called the worst candidate by the jury, and that decision is not impossible to understand. He had no tone, no rhythm and bad English. “There snow one like you!” He needed a lot of input of Madonna to make it bearable.
  • “Killing me softly”
    She was not that bad a singer, but her timing was awful. I remember having to cut and trim a lot to align her words to a steady beat. I made it a slow jazzy version with a lot of echo.

Out of that edition of Idool came Hadise, Brahim and Natalia, so it wasn’t all that bad. Still, there was also the girl with the wobbly hands:

Moldover: Live mashup DJ

Moldover: live mashup DJI wrote a post last year “REQ: Live mashup performance tool” on how much fun it would be to be able to do live mashups: mix basslines, drums, guiter riffs and vocals from different songs in real-time. I just found out via beatmixed that there is a New-York DJ that has figured out the nuts and bolts: Toto a.k.a. Moldover.


  • HARDWARE: He uses a PC laptop with Ableton Live (for loop control) and Native Instruments Reaktor (for sound FX). As MIDI-controller, he uses a Novation ReMOTE 25 (2 octaves). For audio output he uses an Echo Audio Indigo » io CardBus interface.
  • SOFTWARE: he has organized an extensive collection of loops in Live into 8 columns or channels – I think “DJ1”, “DJ2”, “Beats”, “Percussion”, “Melody”, “Bass”, “Ambient” and “Vocals”. Loops are color-coded for the key they’re in (if any). Each channel has 1 FX configured which is the Reaktor plugin. There are also some effects on the master output (limiter, compressor, …)
  • CONTROL: he uses the 8 white keys at the right to trigger each channel. The 8 sliders, which are nicely lined up right above the keys, control the volume of each channel. The 2 x 8 knobs control 2 FX settings per channel. On some channels these are equalizer settings (cut-off frequency), on others delay/reverb settings (depends on the type of ‘content’ of each channel, and what FX go best with that).

See him at work on this Youtube video:
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