Review: Panasonic TX-L42E30E LCD TV

I bought and/or used quite some new gear the last couple of months and I’ve been meaning to write about my experiences and never got around to actually start. Because I like reading other people’s reviews before I buy anything, I’ll start writing my own now! Let’s start with the biggest one:

Why I ‘needed’ a new TV

When digital TVs came out, the price for full HD (1080 lines instead of 720) was very high. I remember seeing all those 2000€+ beasts and it just didn’t make sense to switch yet, also there was almost no source of Full HD video. Blueray was launched around 2008 and seemed more like a ploy to make you buy all your old films again in a slightly better format. However, the prices of Full HD has dropped a lot, and I had more and more devices at home that had HDMI outputs and 1080p output that I could not show in full glory. So I started shopping around beginning of this year.

I knew I wanted an A-brand, which boiled down to Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, LG or Toshiba. Shopping for digital TV is exhausting. Each brand  seems to have 150 different models which are sometimes hard to tell apart. I know I was thinking during the shopping: I wish Apple made TV screens: they would have a 32, a 44 and a 56″ model: just pick one. I wish I was able to say that I made a huge spreadsheet with all models, features and prices, created a N-variable price model and chose based on that, but honestly, I just picked one that looked nice in the shop (Vandenborre) and seemed like a good bargain. So I now have the Panasonic 42″ Viera TV. Vandenborre offered to come bring and install it, but I opted for picking it up in the shop.

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Brudio Stussel : Studio Brussel vs Tien om te Zien

Brudio Stussel: 't Hof van Commerce Studio Brussel wordt 25 jaar en viert dat met een week ‘alles op zijn kop’. Ze lanceren “Brudio Stussel” van 25 maart tot 1 april met een geweldige campagne van de Mortierbrigade. Bruno Vanden Broecke speelt een Tien-om-te-zien producer die probeert de ruwe kantjes af te schaven van ‘t Hof van Commerce (“Zeg ekji oe loatist“) en Belgian Asociality (“Da’k et morgen ga doen“). Heerlijk!

Brudio Stussel: ‘t Hof van Commerce
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TV Tip: Californication

Californication: s01e01

Since I have a lot of time on my hands, with my pneumonia and all, I started looking at TV series I hadn’t seen yet. I borrowed the Sopranos DVDs, but I also tried out some ‘alternative distribution’ series. Supernatural is not really my thing, Jericho is OK, Weeds seems not bad at all, but my current favourite is definitely “Californication“.

David Duchovny heads up the cast in this comedy about a novelist with sex and drug addictions who is struggling to raise his daughter half the time, while having problems with his ex-girlfriend.

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