StereoSearch – a new Hizmo

I’ve got a habit of every now and then making tiny web applications to solve some issue/challenge I encounter. I call these Hizmo’s, for lack of a better term. (You have to be Belgian to get this typo).

The last one I made is called StereoSearch, an interface for searching search engines at the same time with the same keywords. They are in 2 separate windows side-by-side, so you can easily compare the top 5. I use it to compare Yahoo and Google results, and to test the new GigaBlast search engine. Again, no rocket science, just handy.

Older Hizmo’s are:

  • LoginForm generator: for creating a minimal login screen for HotMail, Google, …
  • DisciplineBrowser: OK, this one was for fun. It allows you to browse the web for defined # of minutes and then alerts you to go back to work.
  • HTTPHeader Analyzer: show HTTP headers (I made this one while working with caching servers)
  • WorldSpeed tester: tests your connection speed to different parts of the world.

UPDATE: these tools are now on!

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