Spam ads in Atom-2-RSS converter from

I publish my blog via Blogger, and since they refuse to support RSS, I have to find a way to convert my Atom feeds into RSS, so it is accessible for any RSS reader. I had found an on-line service by that did just that. They only updated once in 4 hours, but that was OK. I was using an older version of SharpReader that did not support Atom feeds, so I was using it for myself too, to read e.g. Evan Williams’s blog, the guy who created Blogger.

This morning – to my astonishment – I saw a bunch of “ADV: Goto XXX site for YYY” advert posts coming in. I have some 5 blog feeds that I converted via, and all of them contained 1 or 2 adverts, including mine (that hurt!). OK, may have some bills to pay, but they might have warned me. Anyway, I have to find an alternative now.

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