Skeemz on Brussels Jazz Marathon

Skeemz in Brussels - Pixagogo album
Brussels in the sun, what a pleasure. Some glasses of white wine, listening to music on a ‘terraske’ with some friends, yesterday was really a nice day. Certainly with the pleasant contribution of Skeemz, a Ghent-based band that played funky hip-hop/R&B music. Good lyrics, a cute singer with a great soulful voice and a young but skilled band that was obviously having fun. Supported by my favourite female drummer of the moment, Isolde Lasoen. She plays in so many bands (Skeemz, Bruno de Bruxelles, Briskey, Daan, …) so she’s actually hard to avoid on live concerts. Next appointment: Daan in Brussels on May 29th.

Here are some pictures of Skeemz: DJ Buzz, Lady Linn, Isolde Lasoen and the others.

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