Started a new blog: XAMPLED

I’ve started a new blog on one of my pet topics: usage of samples in music. Being a fan of house and R&B music, I’ve always been thrilled when I discovered the original source of an irresistible break or groove. Apart from copyright issues that I will bluntly ignore here, sampling has changed the music landscape significantly. We would be amazed at how many times we hear James Brown, Barry White and Roy Ayers bits ‘n pieces in today’s music.
I also did not find an extensive list of sample references yet on the Net. Some sites have information on one artist, some on one genre and you’re forced to do some creative Googling in order to find who sampled what.

So, as a way of recording my searches for the originals and as a tribute to some truely gifted artists, here’s the all new Xampled Blog.
Xampled - Re-creativity

[Listening to: “Summer Madness” – Kool & The Gang – Sampled Vol 2 (CD 2/2)]

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