Isolde Lasoen

Isolde Lasoen in Skeemz
It’s funny, you can write about the most diverse subjects and when you check how people google onto your blog, it appears to be because of a girl.

In my case, the girl is Isolde Lasoen, a Flemish drummer. I have seen her (and written about it) in Briskey, Skeemz, Daan, and she also plays in some bands I still have to check out (just to name some: Bruno de Bruxelles and The Bones). Jazz, funk, pop, latin, … you name it, she’s got the moves and the grooves. And yes, she’s kind of cute. And yes, a woman drummer can be dangerously sexy.

Don’t take my word for it: go check out Daan or Skeemz at the Dour Festival or Boomtown Festival, you won’t regret it!

[Listening to: “Exploration” – Karminsky Experience Inc – DJ Kicks]

11 thoughts on “Isolde Lasoen”

  1. Hey

    I’m very surprised that you’re so exciting about Isolde Lasoen 😀 I’m just checking websites where I can find her name on, because she’s my teacher Jazz. I have to confirm that she’s a beautiful woman too, she’s even more beautiful in real 😀 And btw, she also played on Rock Werchter, one of the best music festivals in the world, and it was better than ever!

    Greetz, Niels

  2. I talked to her at a dirty thirty party in Gent after she had performed… She was very annoyed by the fact that I pointed out it was easier for a girl to get into a dance act band like DAAN. When I pointed out it wasn’t her day (because het drumwork was not very convinced) she got really pissed…

    She was constantly pointing out she was a professional artist and she had just revceived a new drumkit

    The only thing I can say about her is that she has a lousy personality (“success has risen to her head real fast) and she still has a lot to learn behind the drumkit.. although she acts like she’s really something

  3. Isolde is a very well known musician in Belgium. I suspose it was just a bad day for her, also because she just had a new drum. But, do never say that she’s just playing by DAAN because she’s a beautiful female artist, she IS a professional. The Belgian magazine “flair” did an interview with Isolde, and then they asked her the same question. “I’m not just playing by DAAN because i’m a woman, I CAN play drums! She’s a coming up talent in Belgium, remember that.

  4. Mr Anonymus, I know you’re a drummer too, and that you are just frustrated in your playing (and not getting a drumkit through sponsor deal). I was there and Isolde told me she was upset and indeed pissed by your remarks.
    One thing; she’s very modest and succes hasn’t risen to her head at all, but she doesn’t take sexistic comments from frustrated guys, 30 seconds after she walks of stage!

  5. Don’t know her that much, but had the chance to catch her attention once. 🙂
    She is a nice girl, a little shy and reserved perhaps towards strange new people, but then … she wouldn’t be a drummer if she wasn’t.
    From drumming point of view I like her style (kind of Hilary jones-like)…
    And i guess Less can be more 😉 J

  6. If it were up to daan the entire band would be female ! It was a bigger plus that she was a female drummer than a guy trashing the drums. She knows that and she doesn’t have to neglect it. If it was up to 2 people who had the same talent but one was a girl, the girl would win…
    Daan knows what works and what seems erotic and one thing is a girl drumming and playing bass !
    But it doesn’t mean she’ll start and blow someone to get into a band…

  7. Well..
    The first time i saw her i coudn’t believe it..:-)
    Of course i was charmed by her.
    I saw Daan 4 times last year…:-) and one gig was the one in Parc josaphat,a so called secret gig with Axelle Red serving beers (ha,ha,ha:-))
    Great gig,a family feeling.
    Cut the talk:i like her and she’s a good drummer.
    And daan woud’nt have chosen her just because of her look but because she can play drums,which is for a drummer a pretty good thing!:-)

  8. To say that Isolde can’t drum, is not true. But she isn’t a great drummer either.
    I’m convinced that if she wouldn’t look that cute, she also wouldn’t be that succesfull.
    I know some musicians who have played with her in some small bands, and they all say the same: she is obsessed with money. She won’t do anything for free, or just for a good cause. She ‘teaches’ in Knokke, but I know from some people that on saturdays, she called the musicacademy regulary to say she was sick, but the thruth was she regulary had gigs with Daan or Billie King on fridays, and she couldn’t get out of bed. So she let a lot of her students missing a lot of lessons. And than she dare to say that drumming is her profession?
    And why did she, just a few days before the Drmummerfestival in Diest, cancel? It didn’t had anything to do with professional reasons. She was just afraid that with all that big names on the festival, people would hear clearly that she isn’t that talented at all!
    It’s time that people look behind her cute face, and maybe they will see that Isolde still has a lot to learn about drumming, and that she isn’t the only female who can play music.

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