Isolde Lasoen

Isolde Lasoen in Skeemz
It’s funny, you can write about the most diverse subjects and when you check how people google onto your blog, it appears to be because of a girl.

In my case, the girl is Isolde Lasoen, a Flemish drummer. I have seen her (and written about it) in Briskey, Skeemz, Daan, and she also plays in some bands I still have to check out (just to name some: Bruno de Bruxelles and The Bones). Jazz, funk, pop, latin, … you name it, she’s got the moves and the grooves. And yes, she’s kind of cute. And yes, a woman drummer can be dangerously sexy.

Don’t take my word for it: go check out Daan or Skeemz at the Dour Festival or Boomtown Festival, you won’t regret it!

[Listening to: “Exploration” – Karminsky Experience Inc – DJ Kicks]

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