Tango revisited

Tango - Marisa y Oliver
I’ve taken up tango again and it feels great. My partner is enthusiastic though not exactly docile, but that’s only to be expected from a spirited girl with a disposition for colourful language.
Having had little practice in 6 months, it was rather hard to remember even the most basic of steps, certainly those for the girl. I can always find them listed on tangohk.com’s “Learn Tango step by step”, but reading directions like the following doesn’t always crystalize into smooth movements in your head.

1. RF back
2. LF pass RF & to side (long step)
3. RF pass LF & fwd, O/P
4. LF fwd
5. RF close to LF
6. LF fwd
7. RF pass LF & to side, with pivot to left on LF
8. LF close to RF

So I started looking for some video fragments. Because it is expensive to provide movies on-line, the obvious place was to look on sites that sell tango videos. Tango-Argentino.info has some clips from their instruction DVDs, from the basic step to the Giro derecha con sacadas.
I also found some footage at 2leftfeet.com, but they must represent another religion within tango, because I don’t recognize even the base step.

And to get a feel of what might be possible after enough practice: clips from The Tango Lesson (1997).

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