Untamed Cinema: Grayson, the trailer, not the movie

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John Fiorella has written, produced, directed and acted in his own low-budget trailer for a movie that has not been – and might never be – made.

In a nutshell, the idea for GRAYSON has been swimming around in my head for too long – so, with the help of a handful of talented artists, and four credit cards, I set out to shape the idea into a reality.
The objective was simple – tell a new and exciting story about the former boy wonder that leaves audiences wanting more. Did I hit the mark? You be the judge.

Together with his partner in crime Gabe Sabloff (who worked for the movie as D.O.P, actor, animation artist and probably catering and key grip too), he has made an impressive short movie/trailer.

Apparently, the two worked weekends for 18 months, creating storyboards, acting, directing, shooting, and editing a gorgeous short film designed to pique interest in a movie about what happens after Batman dies and Wonder Woman and Superman go to work for the enemy. It’s a professional-looking and well-edited piece of work (that anamorphic lens pays incredible dividends for them) that somehow manages to come in at a budget of just under $18,000.
(via: metafilter.com)

See the movie here: theforce.net

Be sure to take a look at the ‘Behind The Scenes’ (BTS) video, it is incredible to see how inventive these guys were with their limited budget. Some more info about that on howstuffworks.com.

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  1. overall the idea is very good and this movie should be published after the 6th and 7th batman movies are made……for big robin fans like me it would be a big movie especially after fans are craving for more batman after the last of his movies…..perhaps an intertewine of the two movies would be possible and using the joker would make sense being that he was the one who killed robin in the comics possibly leaving the dorr open for a trilogy for……Nightwing?(the only thing is that using all the extra superheros not used in the original comics would make the movie too surreal)

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