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In our series ‘Low Budget DIY movies’: the Belgian directors/actors Cédric Rossignol and Sam De Martelaere have made The Matrix: The Beginning: a prequel to the Matrix Trilogy. They wrote the script in2 days, shot the movie in 8 days, probably a couple of days post-production. The result is – all considered – amusing.
Some remarks:
don't mess with Ms Payne

  • soundtracks rule. Without music, this would have been amateuristic. With it, … never mind.
  • the dialogues are a splendid example of Flenglish, i.e. English with a heavy Flemish accent. (further examples: and
  • the ‘bullet time’ scenes are really well done.
  • the actors/directors/producers are all quite young (the lead actress is 15 yrs old?)
  • the fight choreographies are funny, certainly when Rossignol, the blond guy, who probably is not much into sports except the ones that involve a force-feedback controller, starts his Neo routine.
  • there’s a thin line between slow-motion and just moving slowly.

Visit their site: Cesam Productions

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