George W Bush: working hard

George W. Bush did not make the strongest of impressions during the first Bush-Kerry debate 2 weeks ago. His abundance of ‘ermm…’s, spoonerisms and other slips has been combined into a Bush Mixtape.
It can’t be easy to organize your thoughts while someone is yelling through your earplug. But “I admire Sen. Kerry for being a great dad”? And he’s a great cook too? Some more comments on We Three Jerks (start reading at the Kirsten Dunst picture).

Bad habits are hard (work) to break, so I’ve put some music under it: I’ve made a mash-up of Dubya’s speech and ‘Power of the Flower’ by Praga Khan.

Here is the result:

Hard Work (Mixed Message).

(tenoarman via Trade Secrets)

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