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I’m thinking about installing an iPod (or Zen) in my car. I would replace my current car stereo with a radio with AUX input (Kenwood has some nice ones) and get a docking station for the POD.
Why? I would like an MP3 source that I can update more easily than burning CD’s every now and then. I’d like to get up in the morning, take my MP3 player along and discover what has been put on it. In short, I wanna be a Podcast receiver.

I would of course like to get my favourite music on it. A bit like the Smooth-o-Matic Random Groove, but in my car. So I want to publish my own Podcast. Now I’m a take-it-easy blogger. I do not handcarve my Atom or RSS feeds, I just use Blogger. So can I create Podcasts with Blogger?

I started a new blog: SmoothPod to try this out. I can include a URL to an MP3 file in the (optional) Link field. When I take a look at the resulting Atom feed, it is included as
<link href="http://(path)/file.mp3" mce_href="http://(path)/file.mp3" rel="related" title="(Link Title)" type="text/html"/>. However, what we need for a correct Podcast is an RSS enclosure:
<enclosure url="http://(path)/file.mp3" length="12216320" type="audio/mpeg" />

After RSS conversion by Feedburner, the Link is gone. Now I could do the Atom-2-RSS conversion myself with FeedParser. But I decided to outsource the problem: I mentioned it to the guys from FeedBurner, and Eric Lunt seemed quite enthusiastic about it. So with some quality developer’s time on it, the FeedBurner SmartFeed might include a Podcast option that converts Blogger’s Link field, when filled with an MP3 file, to an RSS file with MP3 enclosures.

In the meantime, I’ll just go with the Smoothouse Oct 2004 Playlist @ Webjay.
UPDATE: Webjay actually has Podcasting capability right now! The RRS feed of the above playlist works like a charm in iPodder!

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