How to Podcast with Blogger and SmartCast

This is a step-by-step manual on how to create your own Podcast feed with Blogger and Feedburner SmartCast.
A. you have already created the MP3 files (see on software for this)
B. you already have hosting for the MP3 files, i.e. the Mp3 files already have their URL that anyone can access (see podcast hosting on hosting providers).

  1. Create a new blog in Blogger: [your_podcast]
  2. Go to the Settings/Formatting page of your new blog
  3. Set ‘Show Link Field’ to Yes
  4. create a new Post, and put the MP3 file you want to podcast in the ‘Link’ field.
  5. Publish the post, and check the blog (the title of your post will be clickable and point to the MP3 file)
  6. At, burn the http://[your_podcast]
  7. Enable the ‘SmartCast’ option for this feed:
  8. Verify your feed on (just to be sure – the result should be “This is a valid RSS feed”).
  9. Enter the Feedburner RSS feed into your Podcast aggregator (here: Doppler)
  10. Let the Podcast aggregator update (in Doppler: push “Retrieve Now”): your MP3 file should download
  11. configure your aggregator to introduce the downloaded files into iTunes, Windows Media Player or whatever application you use

Good luck!

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