Comment spam on my wwwcoder blog

Well, I knew it was gonna happen at some point: I got comment spammed on my winAdmin blog. Apparently someone has a script running that looks for blog posts that contain a link to another page and then posts the contents of the link’s destination as a comment. The purpose being of course, to include a link to crappy medication sites as the homepage of the comment author (and boost their Google PR in that way). The content of the comment looks (and is most cases is) relevant to the blog post, so any Bayesian filters might mistake it for an on-topic comment.

Unfortunately, much as I love the Bayesian hammer, comment spam isn’t a nail. (…) There’s just nothing for a Bayesian filter to get a handle on: the only thing that’s spammy is the URL, so a Bayesian filter will actually be worse than just a blacklist, since you’ll inevitably get false positives trying to use a Bayesian filter on something where the actual text is completely insignificant.

This intelligent job is apparently outsourced to India. Bahut Shoukriah!
Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
17 428 ms 440 ms 438 ms
18 427 ms 422 ms 424 ms
19 * * 436 ms []
20 504 ms 492 ms 490 ms []

The traffic on this particular blog is limited, so I just switched off comments. For my other blogs, I use Blogger, and their redirection trick seems to make comment spamming useless (fingers crossed).

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