Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing”

Remember Dirty Dancing? I just saw it on TV and I had forgotten how hot Jennifer Grey looked. That is, if she was 18 when they recorded the movie, otherwise she’s just pretty.
They sure played “I had the time of my life” a lot for years after that. It even inspired the local girls to shake their hips in a seductive way (occasionally blushing), which is an effect that can only be applauded.
Patrick Swayze, however, stirrs up mixed emotions. He’s not a bad dancer, true, but he gives me the creeps. That strange face, the exaggerated muscles, the way he does his ‘cool walk’ down the aisle in the final dance scene. And somebody please stop him from singing!

So back to the important stuff. What did Jennifer do after that movie? Mostly TV, it appears. In 2000 she played in “Bounce” (a Ben Affleck/Gwyneth Paltrow vehicle) but I can’t recall her appearance there. Judging by the pictures, there’s a reason. Mrs Grey did not age too well. So I’ll leave you with the 1987 picture. When she had the time of her life.

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  1. baby is fine indeed

    about patrick: he started out as martial arts expert and integrated that in his dancing. and thus the walk?
    he showed it only once, in ‘Road house’, i believe.
    I think he did well. (Another competitive fighter from his fighting days was Chuck Norris – he could have done worse).

  2. i think you both have it wrong,sure babys pretty but look at johny he is fine.i think that johny castle was 1 of patrick swayzes best rolls.not to mention how meny times he take off his shirt.what a stud!

    i also think the walk is both fun and sexy.also patrick is a good dancer because his mother owned a dance studio when he was a child.and i also think that he did a fine job with “she’s like the wind”.

  3. Jennifer Grey wasn’t 18 in Dirty Dancing – she was 27 years of age when she did Dirty Dancing (born in 1960) and Patrick Swayze was 35 (born 1952)

  4. Jennifer Grey is smoking hot. She has had a nose job, and i am a little dissappointed, but she still looks good today. She is married to some actor named clark gregg. i have had the biggest crush on her ever since this movie and ferris bueller. She is gorgeous and seems like the cool girlfriend type. She is 45 now, so i’m not so sure about right now, but back then, she was a 1 seed.

  5. in dirty dancing patrick is so preety.i am in love wit him,i wanna be baby,but for real,i watch dirty dancing about 30 thimes

  6. Jennifer was 27 when the film was made.

    Patrick is fine…more than fine…even if I was 1 when the film came out!

  7. I think that Jennifer Grey is the most beautiful person in this universe. And you don’t even have to think twice about it because there is no other girl prettier than her. She beats every person on the planet. I am not only saying this because I have had a major crush on her since i was 11 she is a beautiful actress that better not be told she is not pretty.

  8. I did work on her once, and when I went to get her from the reception area, walked right by her. Jen has had so much plastic surgery done she is irrecognizable! She just looks ‘normal’ now, doesn´t stand out and make an impression like a star should, not like Jennifer Grey. She is or was then, incredibly scary thin and needs to eat a few sandwiches.

  9. Hi Miss Tango,

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of “work” did you do on her?
    Nails? Tattoo? Liposuction?

  10. i think jennifer and patrick were incredible in the movie and patrick is a real versatile artist.

  11. i think patrick swayze is the most sexiest male that ever walked this earth…….. wow i think i am in love!!! i wouldnt say no thats for sure even now. i watch dirty dancin every night just to hear that sexy voice of his so anyway patrick if u ever get bored of your wife call me…. I LOVE YOU PATRICK………marry mexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. oh sorry i forgot to say jennifer you looked stunning in dirty dancing you are one lucky bitch you got to dance with the love of my lifexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. For me Jennifer is a fantastic acctress becouse she is kind and smart and she is a great dancer

  14. i think that jennifer was the most wonderful dancer ever!!, i watch the movie like everyday!!.

    I love it!!

    im even trying to learn the last dance they do in the movie


  15. See how hot and delightful Jennifer still presented herself thirty years later, performing this klezmer parody by her later grandfather, Mickey Katz:
    “Duvid, Duvid Crockett, King of Delancey Street” at

  16. Dirty Dancing, what can I say. I was 12 when the movie came out, the time for crushes and dreams..I wanted to be just like her; experience my first love like her. It was a dream. I do have a husband but we will never be able to dance like that, my luck, he has neuropathy in his feet..I sat and watched the movie last night and just cried..My Mom sat with me and watched it for the first time(when I was 12) and since then I have been hooked. Once day we rented the movie and watched it over and over all day..Great memories. Unfortunately my mom passed away last Christmas Eve and this is the first time I have had the guts to watch it without her..It was a very hard thing to do, but I know she had to be right there watching it with me. Both Jennifer and Patrick made a great couple and watching them together made me believe in enfacutation and excitement once again..I just can’t believe she had her nose done..that mader her beautiful…

  17. The nose job that Jen had was because she had nasal problems and it was partially to help rectify the problem. As it’s plain to see, it completely changed how her face looked and she was so disappointed with it that she sued the doctor who performed the surgery. I feel sorry for her! Must suck to be famous and be almost unrecognisable because a doctor botched your surgery.

  18. I think both Jen Grey and Swayze were good looking. The thing is…they look like REAL PEOPLE! I am so happy that someone like Jennifer Grey got the role of a hot chick. My main reason is because she doesn’t look like an American Stereotypical barbie doll…she looks like she has an ethnic background. She looks Jewish…not like an American Betty or Veronica. I remember that managers told Nia Vardalos to get a nose job because it was too Greek. It’s a pity Grey’s nose changed…she could’ve paved the way for many other ethnic looking girls to take lead roles and to be actually considered as pretty women.

  19. Jennifer Grey looked great in Ferris Bueller’s Day off. She was very attractive because she was very different looking. Jennifer had
    a fire in her eyes that was very appealing, inviting and dangerous at the same time. She’s a really interesting and talented actress with character and depth, something you rarely see in today’s cookie cutter, cupie doll, supermodel, actresses. I also liked her in Red Dawn and Dirty Dancing. I hope that she gets a good roll soon because I would really like to see more of her. Whatever she does, I wish her success!

  20. Jennifer is a stunner today, as she was in 1987. I don’t know what all the fuss about the girl’s nose is all about, I really don’t. Jen, if you’re reading all this, I’d love to see you again – on the big or small screen – as you are now. You’ve never looked better!

  21. I think the movie was brill and it takes you back to 1987 i was 14 and that was the year i meet my first love it was a special time in my life my memories. I just love to know what the actors are doing now and do they still keep in touch,has jennifer got any children i have never seen her in any other movie, patrick swayzee in 1991 made point break with keanu reeves that is when i meet my partner im still with now. Back to the movie i loved the music the dancing the close scenes with baby and johnny i have bought the 20th anniversary dvd special edition it has a scratch and sniff on the front cover of the famous watermelon how funny i will watch it one million times. thankyou love baby xxx.p.s nobody puts baby in the corner…..

  22. Patrick Swayze has the most sexy body i have seen in Dirty Dancing! of course, i am only 16 right now(i wasn’t born until 1991, the movie came out in 1987), but he is still my celebrity crush! my boyfriend always asks me who i think the hottest person is (celebrity wise) and i always say Mr. Swayze! he surprisingly says carrie underwood, but i dont care because she is very beautiful. i really haven’t seen Jennifer Grey after this movie. i know i’ve seen others with her in it, but i didn’t notice her! i guess she really has changed! i do love her in the movie though. i just wish that she would do something like that again! i would go see it in a heartbeat!(or patrick Swayze!!)

  23. the most ever watched dream i have seen. i’m 42 now and my 2 children love the movie as much as i do. jennifer grey in the movie made everyone look great and that’s why she make’s you dream that you wish it was you. i only wish i was mr swayze

  24. i just love the film!!!!! it is ace have seen it loads of times and never get bored. Infact my other half gets annoyed with me because i know all the words and i never shut up all the way throught the film. I adore Patrick he is a fantastic actor and love his body and the way he moves!!!! Jennifer is fab too without her and patrick there just wud not be a ‘Dirty Dancing’ film my all time favourite

  25. I am 44 years old and I would love to just meet Swayze and Jen Grey just to have a beer. They were both amazing in the 1987 classic and that was 21 years ago. I wish thaat I couldd be just like jennifer Grey, she is very pretty and I wish that I can look just like her. I love Swayze, Jen was so luchy to play in that film with him and get sexy and close and the final dance made me cry. I love you Jen and Patrick you both were amazing and did a great job. I wshi Patrick Swayze lots of luck and I prey for him to get well. I wish I was in Jennifer Grey’s shoes and I was her just to be the one to tet sexy with you. Jen you are lucky and very pretty too, you did not have a dam thing wrong with your nose and you look just as pretty now as you did in the movie. I wish that some day I can meet you in person. You are my favorite actress. Love both of you.

  26. I loved the movie and watched it a million times. Who can tell me who was the older of the sisters in that movie. It was never clearly spelled out so tell me why you think so.

  27. I luv Dirty Dancing with my whole heart and sole and i am Patrick Swayze’s biggest fan and i love Jennifer grey. It’s brilliant movie and the two actors Jen and Patrick should be proud of themselves and good on them to complete such an inspiring and meaninful movie filled with love, joy and happiness but mostly dance mixed with love. I wish Patrick Swayze nothing but all the very best at this tragic time in his life and god bless him and make him overcome his sickness and get back out there on the big screen. I am his biggest fan and this movie is a true metaphor for life in a scense where it never dies. It will definetly live on today, always and forever.

  28. Jennifer was the best in Dirty Dancing. I watch the movie every chance I get and love it all over again every time. I hope she stars in another movie soon.

  29. dear jennifer grey i liked you and patrick swayze in dirty dancing
    I wish to dance like that. I wishto meet you one day.
    I live at the Eisenhower center in AnnArborMI.

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