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Baare SEO man
While we were creating the Pixagogo site, we paid a lot of attention to optimal and correct search engine tuning. More specifically, Bart “SEO man” Anrijs read most documents available on the subject and handcarved the HTML until it was just right. It worked as expected, and we now have a very powerful (and legal!) tool to push stuff up high in Google rankings: the Pixagogo Public Albums. The basic idea is to create an album that is featured in the Public Gallery. It won’t work for porn or other illegal material, because we check all candidates for public albums manually.

We first noticed it with some of our own albums, like my Skeemz album, which ranks #1 for a Google search on ‘Isolde Lasoen’ and most of the names of the other band members, or Wim’s honeymoon pictures album, which scores excellent for “trouw foto’s”.
So if you want to promote an artist, a site or want to show off your collection of Delfts aardewerk, here’s a good way to be found in Google, Yahoo and MSN:

  • get a Pixagogo account
  • create a nice album with pictures of the subject you want to promote
  • choose a relevant title, with the words you want to rank high on
  • add links to your own site if you have one
  • and submit it as a candidate for a public album.

If the album is accepted, wait a week or two and do a search on the words in the title. The results will even grow better in time. You can also check traffic on your album with the ‘Statistics’ button.

TEST: This blog already ranks #1 if you search on ‘podcast icons’, so now I’ve created a Pixagogo podcast icons album to see how long it will take for the album to jump ahead of this blog’s listing. Keeping my fingers crossed!

UPDATE 13 Jan 2005: the Pixagogo album just got picked up by Google and jumped right to the 2nd place, right behind my blog post. I’m curious to see whether it can jump ahead of it after a couple of weeks …
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