Just one thing from Amerie

It first jumped into my ear via Pentdego‘s MixOfTheWeek mixes podcast: the irresistible first number on the DJ Fiskars January mix (originally featured on MOTW Forum).

In the mix it is preceded by 10 seconds of “Are You My Woman” (The Chi-Lites), the famous sample used in “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce. They do sound alike: the minimal instrumentation, the prominent drums, the chord chop on the first beat of every 4 bars . No big surprise there, as I found out later, both songs were created by the same guy: Rich Harrisson.

Studio Brussel is pushing the song this week: “One Thing” by Amerie. There’s a video clip on her MTV page. As nice as her legs might be, it’s a pity she’s blocking the view of the drummer, who lays down a nice Clyde Stubblefield-ish groove. The song is featured on the soundtrack of “Hitch“, and that movie is just being released here in chilly Brussels.

If you like this kind of music, check out the “DJ Fiskars’ Powercuts” mix on MOTW

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