Podcast hosting: cheap or free?

THIS IS A POST FROM 2005 – this information is no longer accurate nor complete.

Podcasting is a fun hobby, but leaves you with several tens to hundreds of megabytes of MP3 files to host. If your podcast turns out to be popular, you might also have over 20GB of file downloads per month (‘bandwidth’). This rules out any free hosting option like Geocities or even your local ISP. What are the other options?

Creative Commons, together with Archive.org, offer you the option to host your content for free. This is directed towards CC-licensed or open-source audio, so your own speech or your own music. Don’t use it to host illegal/copyright-troubled content.


$100/year (or $8.5/month)
if you’re already a subscriber to Apple’s .Mac program, this is an easy option. It is not the fastest or most reliable option.


starts at $5/month (up to $30)
built for podcasting: based on the #MB you add per month, not on the #GB downloaded per month (so the cost is predictable). Has detailed statistics (although some graphics would be nice). “Liberated Syndication is podcasting made easy”


$6.95/month (2-year subscription)
2 GB storage, 75 GB/month bandwidth. Is a general purpose hoster, so if you want to add the actual podcast blog to it, you can (you can add a WordPress blog through the Fantastico interface)


EV1Servers VPS:
for the bigger fish: 10GB of storage, 100GB/month bandwidth. If even this is not enough, you can go up to a $99/mon fully dedicated server: 60GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth.

For up-to-date information, keep an eye on the podcasters Yahoo! group.


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  1. Rizzn.net is an option as well. He’s experiencing some growing pains as he moves onto a new server (read: mp3s won’t upload instantly), but it’s a free option with unrestricted bandwidth and storage (as far as I can tell) for your casts, as well as RSS feed creation.

  2. I found ipodnetworks.com is pretty good. There is an interface for setting up your blog, audio, and whatever else. No bandwidth restrictions is pretty cool 😉

  3. At pcastbaby.com we offer you more than hosting for your podcast. We offer an online video transcoder that preps your avi, wmv, mov or mp4 video for PSP (Playstation Portable) and the iPod Video (5G). We also give you extra tools such are Flash Media players that you can enbed directly into your web pages so that you can stream your audio/video content.

    – Podcast creatuib tool to create your XML or M3U.
    – No bandwidth limitations
    – Google Maps to show where your listeners are located
    – Free Directory

    we have many more tools in development.

  4. Here’s a good host:

    Here’s a promo code…if you use it, you can get 1 year for $30.40..it has 20GB of space, 1TB of bandwidth, plus a frr domain and unlimited subdomains, if you actually use those. I use dreamhost myself, they’re quite good…

    Here’s the promo code:

    Just enter than when it asks for any promo code you have..

    I sound like an advertiser, don’t I? ._.

  5. DAMNIT ALL! I did it again. Okay. Let’s see.
    The typo in the original post, which was “frr”…was meant to be free.

    Sorry for the spam, I’m stupid ._.

  6. Consider us too if you’re looking for a podcast host. We won a Guinness World Record with Ricky Gervais and for a one-off tenner you’ll be able to host up to 25GB data transfer per month free for life. Also got very competitive rates for higher bandwidth plans.


  7. I found http://www.podbea.com provides a decent Free Podcast hosting service. It looks like it has the wordpress blog builtin, so the trackback etc functions are available. It has a nice iTunes configuration function. You can manage how to post your podcast into iTunes at one page.

  8. I think the new comer http://www.podbean.com is so far the best podcast hosting service. It provides Unmetered bandwidth, plenty of space and you can start with Free service first. The Free service has almost anything you need to do podcasting, e.g. connect to iTunes music store, insert graph, trackback ….

  9. and don’t forget to pay your sabam-bills either. the creators of the sounds have got to get paid to.

  10. Podcast Hosting & Audio Media hosting site CyberEars.com is offering the first 50 new Podcasters a FREE hosting offer for 6 months, equivalent to 500mb of storage and UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH of Podcasts in an attempt to bolster the number of shows on their site. The conditions of this offer are as follows:

    1. Podcasts must contain spoken word, original material, and not breach any copyright regulations
    2. Podcasts must be updated at least once every month with new content
    3. The Podcast must be elected to be shown on the ‘Browse’ list of shows available on CyberEars.com
    4. The Podcast must be accompanied by a photo image in JPG format
    5. The Podcast must have at least one audio file of content uploaded when it is created.

    If you would like to be quick to take CyberEars.com up on their offer, go to http://www.CyberEars.com and register for a free trial account. Then use their Contact button to let them know that you saw the offer here, and want to be upgraded.

    Within 24 hours, CyberEars.com will contact you back and if you are within the first 50 Podcasts registered this way, will upgrade you to a free 6 MONTH hosting account with no strings attached.

  11. The problem with Odeo is that they add a 3-second commercial to the beginning of your podcast. This file modification erases all embedded MP3 tags such as title, genre, author, artist, etc. – not so much of a problem if you use iTunes, but definitely a problem if you use Juice to download the podcast and then bring it up in Windows Media Player. The nice thing about Odeo is you can assign an image which shows up in your podcast when you add it to the iTunes store.

    GarageBand.com also erases all embedded MP3 tags by converting your uploaded MP3 to a different bitrate. Another problem with GarageBand is that you can’t assign an image to your podcast.

    I just emailed jellycast.com, and they don’t modify your MP3 file. You can assign an image to your podcast, and after only a $20 setup fee, your jellycast account is free for life. No size or bandwidth limits, unless you get really really popular.

  12. Try Switchpod.com – a prominent podcast hosting company. It offers between 200 and 2000 mb of space. And It’s FREE

  13. If you use something like boomp3.com, along with webjay.org, it works out pretty nice, I’m pretty sure boomp3.com has unlimited bandwidth, and webjay.org is a free service.

  14. I tried PODBEAN, and it seemed really great for my first podcast, but today on at least 2 occaisions, their site was down!!

    None of my stuff was accessible at all.

    AND, there’s no way to even contact podbean except through their web site that was down.

    I’m very disappointed. If the hosting company is not reliable it ain’t worth a penny.

    When the site did get back up, there was no word or mention of the outage at all. no email to users, no nothin’.

    podbean=bad service ; podbean=bad service ; podbean=bad service.

  15. Truman, are you sure it was podbean that was offline? What I mean is, how are you sure it wasn’t some other issue, like your own ISP, or a DNS glitch? Most of the time, I find that these kind of services are very sensitive to the outage issue, and usually will at least acknowledge what and why it happened. Perhaps a little more info would be nice, but you might want to contact them (now that you can access their site), and ask if they experienced an outage during the period of time you couldn’t reach them.

  16. Hi,

    I’d like to inform you of my podcasting hosting service: http://doplr.com

    Maybe you’d like to try it out and write a review.

    Best of luck with your soundblog.



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