Podcasting is a fun hobby, but leaves you with several tens to hundreds of megabytes of MP3 files to host. If your podcast turns out to be popular, you might also have over 20GB of file downloads per month (‘bandwidth’). This rules out any free hosting option like Geocities or even your local ISP. What are the other options?


Creative Commons, together with Archive.org, offer you the option to host your content for free. This is directed towards CC-licensed or open-source audio, so your own speech or your own music. Don’t use it to host illegal/copyright-troubled content.


$100/year (or $8.5/month)
if you’re already a subscriber to Apple’s .Mac program, this is an easy option. It is not the fastest or most reliable option.


starts at $5/month (up to $30)
built for podcasting: based on the #MB you add per month, not on the #GB downloaded per month (so the cost is predictable). Has detailed statistics (although some graphics would be nice). “Liberated Syndication is podcasting made easy”


$6.95/month (2-year subscription)
2 GB storage, 75 GB/month bandwidth. Is a general purpose hoster, so if you want to add the actual podcast blog to it, you can (you can add a WordPress blog through the Fantastico interface)

EV1Servers VPS:

for the bigger fish: 10GB of storage, 100GB/month bandwidth. If even this is not enough, you can go up to a $99/mon fully dedicated server: 60GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth.

For up-to-date information, keep an eye on the podcasters Yahoo! group.