Adwords generator tool

I just finished another webpage for my tools collection: the Adwords Generator tool. Inspired by seeing a colleague losing his time with Excel trying to create a full list of keywords for his Google Adsense campaigns, I created an easy web interface to do just that: give in lists of keywords of key phrases, and let the Adwords tool create all the possible combinations.

You would use it in this way: say you want to promote a podcast client application for Windows (like the new Doppler 3.0).

Combining everything together gives you a list of 90 keyphrases: Adsense keywords for a Windows podcast client. You can even add the “phrase matching” or [exact matching] options (see for more info).

You can also look up suggestions for new keywords through tools from Google Adsense and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture). A nice addition to my toolbox!


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