Mini-backstage @ Pukkelpop

I’m gonna be responsible for managing a mini-backstage at the Pukkelpop festival this Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Mini-backstage means: the small hide-out right next to the more distant stages, where artists take their preparatory beers and coffees right before they perform. Since I did not choose my own schedule, I’m going to take care of a bunch of people I’ve mostly never heard of:

Thursday – ‘Club’ stage</p>
Adam Green – Blood Brothers – The Departure</p>

Friday – ‘Wablief’ stage</p>

: Millionaire – El Guapo Stuntteam – Vandal X</p>

Saturday &#8211; &#8216;Chateau&#8217; stage</p> 
:   Vincent Gallo &#8211; The Dresden Dolls &#8211; Whitey

But with some luck, my shift will be over when Jamie Lidell plays on the Chateau stage on Thursday. Might be a bit tight, but “that’s the use of figuring it all out” (#5 on the “Multiply” CD – addictive)!


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