Google Desktop: buggy stuff

I regret having installed the Google Desktop Beta. I thought they would have ironed the biggest bugs, but my first experience is not reassuring.

  • I installed it on my P4 2.8GHz with about 100GB of data (lots of it CD and DVD copies – so files that are large where no indexing is needed).
  • The indexing process has been running for more than 5 days. Every now and then the progress bar remains hanging (e.g. remains on 27% after 12 hours of running) although the process keeps running. Reboot necessary.
  • the GoogleDesktopIndex.exe process runs continously at 50% CPU, which makes the computer slower, but also often at 100%, at which point the option left is to reboot.
  • the “Sidebar” is very buggy, it remains “Loading” forever, cannot be stopped and does not update. I think it’s the “Images” component. When it crashes: reboot required.
  • they’ve used ActiveX everywhere. Why not Python with py2exe? Then the Sidebar would run on every platform instead of just on Windows, and it would be easier and safer to write plugins.
  • the Google Adsense plugin sounds like a good idea, but I did not get it working, the authentication failed every time.

So I remain to be convinced about the Desktop searching thing. Bye Bye Google Desktop.

What would be a good idea in the mean-time: an publishers’ API for (read-only) access to the Google Adsense statistics. How about an RSS feed (an ‘AdStatFeed’)? A nice simple MRTG-like graph? An web-based version of CSVAdStats? How hard can that be?


9 thoughts on “Google Desktop: buggy stuff”

  1. I’ve had the new Google Desktop 2 Beta installed for a week now and it’s consuming silly amounts of CPU, up to 90% meaning my machine is running at 100% CPU usage all the time. I had the old version installed before with no problems.

    I have tried I don’t know how many times to get the Adsense plugin working and it won’t connect.

    I know it’s Beta software but it’s not supposed to resemble Alpha!

  2. I uninstalled the google desktop, and then explorer would not launch!! Even from the task manager I could not get explorer to launch… so no icons as the guy before said! After multiple restarts, I shut totally down, and now my machine won’t even power up!! Its a brand new P4 3.0 with a gig of ram! My experience with the google beta was similar, same problems with using too much cpu, so that’s why I uninstalled it. Now my machine is hosed thanks to Google!

  3. SAme thing here – P4 2.8 GHz with 80 and 250 GB drives and googledesktopindex.exe has the cpu at 50% all day long.

  4. i have the same problem, as a shortcut solution, i set the priority on googledesktopindex.exe to low, it really helps, but my apps still start slower, and the priority resets everytime i restart the computer.

  5. And another one here 🙁
    Initailly I thought it was ok, but after installing fire fox was not indexing the fire fox pages – so re-installed it. Been using all my cycles ever since. the only mention is on googles help site that they know of this problem and are investigation (!) and suggest – uninstall, restart, re-install – well doesn’t work for me. Have the old version on my system so will try that instaed. SHeesh! buggy!

  6. I’ve had the same problem too – IBM T40, 100% CPU maxed out, slows everything to a crawl. Uninstalled Desktop and it was fine – waited two weeks and reinstalled latest version – same scenario. Uninstalled, fine. It worked fine for the first couple of months.

  7. Honesty obliges me to say: once everything is indexed and you haven’t uninstalled it in the meantime, is proves to way better for searching your disks than Windows or your mails than Outlook.
    If you have 3000-4000 mails in your Inbox, Outlook (as a stand-alone client, not with Exchange) is plain unworkable. Google Desktop is very fast.

  8. Gosh–I was Google Desktop Search’s biggest fan until I downloaded and installed the October 2005 verion–when they took it off “beta.”

    Now it pegs my CPU at 100% constantly. I have to go into Windows Task Manager and stop the GoogleDesktopIndex.exe process to regain control of my computer.

    Wrote Google tech support about this. And, like tack said, they told me to uninstall and reinstall. Told me to download the latest, latest version and uninstall and reinstall. I did. All to no avail. Unlike tack, I didn’t save a copy of the January 2005 version that ran so well for me. So I’m still wrestling with this.

    At first, back in October, I was convinced I had a virus or some spyware on my machine. But ran every possible scan and I’m clean. And it’s obviously GoogleDesktopIndex.exe causing the problem–I can watch it happening in taskmanager.

    I completely came to depend upon Google Desktop Search and don’t want to give it up. But I somehow need it to control itself, to manage its use of resources like its says it does. (It says it only indexes when the computer is idle. Bullshit.)

    Wondering if dr. tack might be so kind as to email me a copy of the exe file for the older version he is using? If you read this, tack, you can mail me at I haven’t been able to find an older version online. (Have googled for it for hours, of course).


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