Flickr/Yahoo experimenting with new ad format

Flickr has been placing contextual advertising on their “tag” search pages (example: the “brussels” tag) for a while. They seemed to use a mixture of Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher text-based ads. For people who are not that familiar with contextual ad units: there are

But this weekend I saw a new kind of ad format popping up on the Flickr site: let’s call them “image-enhanced topical link units” from the Yahoo Publisher Network (the left image is a screenshot). It’s probably in a test phase, since you see a headphone picture for “web cameras”, a GSM for “cameras” and another mobile phone for “home theatre” systems, and the link between those is not that obvious. But the line of thinking is logical: use the images to catch people’s attention (worth a thousand words, aren’t they) and then use the topics to filter out the interested customers. Let’s see if Google follows.

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