“The shining”: Here’s Johnny again!

Robert Ryang has become a semi-celebrity movie-remixer overnight:

A few weeks back, he said, he entered a contest for editors assistants sponsored by the New York chapter of the Association of Independent Creative Editors. The challenge? Take any movie and cut a new trailer for it but in an entirely different genre. Only the sound and dialogue could be modified, not the visuals, he said.
Mr. Ryang chose The Shining, Stanley Kubricks 1980 horror film starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. In his hands, it became a saccharine comedy(!) about a writer struggling to find his muse and a boy lonely for a father. Gilding the lily, he even set it against Solsbury Hill, the way-too-overused Peter Gabriel song heard in comedies billed as life-changing experiences, like last years In Good Company.
(on nytimes.com)

Check out the result on ps260.com (QuickTime – 10MB).

If the movie business is anything like the music business, Robert should now worry mostly about getting sued by the MPAA (Movie Producers Association of America), or whoever the copyright holder would happen to be. Unless he gets signed up quickly by one of the majors, in which case his legal costs are covered.

BTW: picture on the right was altered by me, to make Jack smile (sort of).

(via Andy Waio – also on The Reeler)

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