At last: car stereos with frontal mini-jacks

JVC car stereo with line-in
You need portable MP3 player for when you’re on the move. On the move includes: in the car. Why would you want to listen through tiny white earphones, if you have dozens of Watt of pure musical power already at your disposal in that car of yours? Or: how to connect your iPod to your car stereo.

FM Transmitter

First of all, they’re illegal in Belgium, so you can’t buy them anywhere here. Thanks to my numerous maffia friends however, I’ve been able to try 2 Griffins and a white-label gizmo, but my experiences have always been disappointing: impossible to tune right or get an acceptable sound.

Fake tape

There are these cassette look-alikes that you can put in your tape player. Only, who still has a tape player in his car? And what does the conversion electric-to-magnetic-to-electric do for your sound quality?

Custom interfaces

Alpine has a special solution for iPod (didn’t BMW have something like that too?), but we don’t like vendor lock-in.

Line/Aux in

I hope the rest of the vendors get the message and provide a frontal AUX in on their products. Car stereos, boomboxes, mini-chains, DVD players, DivX players, …
Rip, Mix, Plug it in!


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