Lucas Gonze joins Yahoo! acquires Webjay

A couple years back, Lucas created Webjay, a site for easy creation and playback of playlists from the Web. Users can create playlists using music/audio/video from around the Web (with a simple Web form, from scraping a Web page, or with a fancy Ajax interface created by a 3rd party using Webjay APIs), share them with others, include them on their Web sites, browse other users playlists, play the playlists in any media player, or cannibalize the playlists to create new ones. With Dave Goldberg (head of Yahoo! Music) running around telling people that the playlist is the next frontier in digital media, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we’re interested in what Lucas is doing with Webjay. Y! Music Engine has some interesting playlisting features, open APIs, and more goodies on the way. Lucas will help shape our strategies around playlisting in the future.

I discovered Webjay around about the same time I got into podcasting, and I got into contact with Lucas after I did a survey of web-based Flash players and explored the whole playlist formats issue. I ended up creating a Webjay button wizard because I wanted to link Webjay’s playlist conversion to Fabricio’s Musicplayer.

I like this news for a number of reasons:

  • I like Lucas. He takes and welcomes initiative, is smart and has a vision. Yahoo!’s brainpower just went one notch up.
  • A guy starts an initiative because he has a vision, not because he wants to make money. The site takes off, he builds a recognized brand without patents, seed capital or X rounds of financing, and eventually gets rewarded. A geek story with a Hollywood ending.

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