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For some reason, if I search for “baeyens” on Technorati (sorry, John), all I get is a list of splogs (spam blogs). The first ‘real’ result is somewhere at #50, drowned between WEBCAM, CAMERA and PHONE CARD splogs.

Technorati splog results

They all have the same characteristics:

  • all on Blogger‘s
  • post title is up to three spam words in upper case
  • blog title is up to three spam words in lower case
  • blog post contents is a sequence of words without any meaning (apparently ‘baeyens’ has become part of a standard splog dictionary)
  • at the end of the blog post is an iframe part
  • the iframe inserts code from in the page that also redirects the browser to e.g. (if the blog topic was ‘guns’)
  • that page is filled with ads that go through, an Austrian PPC site

What I mean is: Dave, you guys should be able to filter this scum out! And Matt, can’t you give the Blogger team a hand in attacking the splog problem from their side? We don’t want Technorati installing a if (domain ends in "") {/* treat as splog */ ... } rule, do we? Or do we?

  • domain is registered by a “Anrev, Kovacz – 1003 Star Street – Novambark, na 88737363 – CA”
  • the registration address for is “41 State Street – New York, NY 12345 – US”
  • domain is hosted on an EV1 server: []
  • the page title is ‘Licht und tonanlage’, which could mean that either the above Kovacz speaks German, or -more probable- that the site’s code was delivered by the Austrian PPC site.


2 thoughts on “Blogspot splogs in Technorati”

  1. While far from perfect, it does seem like the splog issues have been less of a problem over the past month or so for me.

    Increasing the hoops to jump through to set up Blogger accounts, and using word verification on new posts are steps in the right direction.

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