My iPod is a girl

  • the first time I saw her, I thought she looked absolutely stunning and I wanted to have her
  • there are others that are thinner, bigger or last longer, but I don’t want any other
  • I did not have to read any manual, handling her was very intuitive
  • every now and then I learn a new trick that I can apply to her and I feel very happy
  • sometimes when I push her buttons, she does not do what I expect, but I find that a proof of character
  • she has really improved my quality of life
  • I have learned a whole lot since we first met
  • she makes me dance when I walk
  • other guys can look at her but I don’t like it when they touch her
  • some days she’s very touchy, and it is impossible to let her do what I want. I don’t get mad, I just leave her alone and a day later she’s better.
  • I dread the day that she is no longer around



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