List of quartets

Here you go, Ine dear:

Four jobs I’ve had/have (skip this one, it’s boring):
– Programming databases on Sun/Sybase
– Selling a not-yet-ready biometric authentication toolkit
– Product manager for digital certificates
– Research and development for a security/storage/photo ASP

Four movies I can watch over and over:
Lucia y el sexo
When Harry met Sally
Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain
Rear Window

Four places I’ve liked living
– Leuven
– Louvain-la-neuve
– Merchtem
– Brussels

Four TV shows I love
Lost (currently at S02E11)
West Wing
Prison Break (thx Trish)

Four places I’ve vacationed:
– US West Coast (honeymoon, actually)
– Cedeillan, Massac (my parents’ eagle’s nest)
– Tuscany, Italy (with Clemence in her mommy’s belly)
– tango holiday in Abano Terme (felt like a millionaire’s trip)

Four of my favorite dishes:
– Thai soup a la Bar Sabir
– Scampis in garlic
– Stoemp (with sausage AND bacon!)
– Steak Bearnaise

Four sites I visit daily: (with the hard-core gear porn Friday) Fred Wilson, an NYC VC who gets Web 2.0 Flockstar Chris Messina

Four podcasts I always listen to:
The Transmission (‘Lost’ fan podcast)
Diggnation (video) podcast
In Our Time (BBC Radio 4)
Basic Soul Radio Show

Four places I would rather be right now:
– Buenos Aires, trying to get that volcada just right
– Mountain View, for easy access to ideas, funds and Free(!) Wifi(!) Everywhere(!)
– Madrid, where an evening out in the winter doesn’t mean pneumonia (Global Warming? Bring it on!!)
– Rio, because I want to witness for myself how Brazilian hips move to funky deep house music

Four bloggers minxes cheeky monkeys I am tagging:

Four roads I’d love to ride again
– from the maternity to Vilvoorde city hall (to declare Clemence)
– from Brussels to Cedeillan (every year)
– from LA to San Francisco (along the coast, scenic view)
– from Brussels to Exeter (felt like on top of the world)

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