List of quartets

Here you go, Ine dear:

Four jobs I’ve had/have (skip this one, it’s boring):
– Programming databases on Sun/Sybase
– Selling a not-yet-ready biometric authentication toolkit
– Product manager for digital certificates
– Research and development for a security/storage/photo ASP

Four movies I can watch over and over:
Lucia y el sexo
When Harry met Sally
Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain
Rear Window

Four places I’ve liked living
– Leuven
– Louvain-la-neuve
– Merchtem
– Brussels

Four TV shows I love
Lost (currently at S02E11)
West Wing
Prison Break (thx Trish)

Four places I’ve vacationed:
– US West Coast (honeymoon, actually)
– Cedeillan, Massac (my parents’ eagle’s nest)
– Tuscany, Italy (with Clemence in her mommy’s belly)
– tango holiday in Abano Terme (felt like a millionaire’s trip)

Four of my favorite dishes:
– Thai soup a la Bar Sabir
– Scampis in garlic
– Stoemp (with sausage AND bacon!)
– Steak Bearnaise

Four sites I visit daily: (with the hard-core gear porn Friday) Fred Wilson, an NYC VC who gets Web 2.0 Flockstar Chris Messina

Four podcasts I always listen to:
The Transmission (‘Lost’ fan podcast)
Diggnation (video) podcast
In Our Time (BBC Radio 4)
Basic Soul Radio Show

Four places I would rather be right now:
– Buenos Aires, trying to get that volcada just right
– Mountain View, for easy access to ideas, funds and Free(!) Wifi(!) Everywhere(!)
– Madrid, where an evening out in the winter doesn’t mean pneumonia (Global Warming? Bring it on!!)
– Rio, because I want to witness for myself how Brazilian hips move to funky deep house music

Four bloggers minxes cheeky monkeys I am tagging:

Four roads I’d love to ride again
– from the maternity to Vilvoorde city hall (to declare Clemence)
– from Brussels to Cedeillan (every year)
– from LA to San Francisco (along the coast, scenic view)
– from Brussels to Exeter (felt like on top of the world)

3 thoughts on “List of quartets”

  1. finalmente alguien que cononce lucia y el sexo – fenomenal! desde entonces formentera esta en mi lista de destinanciones a visitar..

  2. Dude, I can’t believe you read me every day! I guess that leaves only three more people who could be reading me… and I have my suspicions that Tara is one of them… hmmmm…. the search is on!

  3. he, bedankt van me bij de tagged stuff te zetten, …rest van de post gelezen met mixed feelings, kantelend naar de ene kant!
    …3E 1A 5D / 4B 1C / 2A 5A 5D 5A 1C 5A 4C 4A 5A / 2E 5C 5C 3D / 5B 5E

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