The transmission has ended ...

Ryan and Jen have just announced that they are putting an end to their popular Lost fan podcast, “The Transmission“. Started in May 2005, the show has grown into the most popular Lost audio podcast program, featuring discussion of each episode right after it aired, feedback from listeners and ‘The forward cabin‘: theories and spoilers for following episodes. A very well-produced (Ryan apparently has some radio background) show of 30 minutes each week, presented by two big fans with a good voice. I am subscribed to the podcast, and it almost feels like I know them.

I have no idea what the reason for the sudden decision is (they remain vague on the issue, so I’ll respect that), but I can imagine the show was taking over their lives to some extent. Me for one, I will miss them, I learned a lot about the Lost characters, the storylines and the Hawaii setting (Ryan and Jen are both very proud -and lucky- to be living in Hawai). It takes me more effort than the regular U.S. fan to get to see each episode when it airs (because I can’t buy them on iTunes) so I often heard the podcast before I saw the actual episode, but I still enjoyed both of them.

Ryan and Jen, thanks for your dedication and efforts. Whatever you’re up to in the future, I wish you all the luck.

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