Guys and head bands

Small rant ahead:
De Diadeem van Van Asbroeck

One of Flanders’ fine actors, Peter Van Asbroeck, has let his hair grow. Way too long. And to make sure he doesn’t get any between his teeth, he has resorted to wearing a head band. Not a macho type of hair band – as far as that is possible – but the most sissy of hairbands: the stretching ‘diadem’ (we call them ‘diadeem’). For a guy that puts ‘Miami Vice’-like pictures on his website, takes pride in showing of his muscles – and as of more recently, his beer bulge – that is a surprising decision.

The newspaper “Het Volk” – hardly an authority in the ‘style’ department – claims that, while it might be oldfashioned for a girl to wear a diadem nowadays, it’s really trendy for men:

It started with top footballers like Beckham, Totti and Ronaldinho, and got picked by other stars and now also by ‘the common man’. On Belgian soil we already spotted Bosko Balaban, Patrick Nijs and Daniel Van Buyten on the football court and in showbizz Werner Desmedt and Peter Van Asbroeck.

OK, let’s take a look:
male headbands
Well, footballers and hairdressers, what can I say. These are the people that brought us the mullet, which -over here- has for years been the best indicator of football aspirations. Even better than walking round in a training suit 24/7 and driving a Manta.

So Mr. Van Asbroeck, I don’t know who told you you looked cool or cute with the headband, but it makes my skin crawl every time I see you on Thuis or Swingpaleis. Get it over with: Cut the hair, get a belly piercing or a brazilian wax, whatever rocks your boat. Just as long as I don’t have to see it.

Some other Belgian bloggers that don’t like the hairband: wezzzelsvendslaurenx

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  1. hmm, dit is de look die snooker god ronnie o’sullivan twee jaar geleden had – the essex exocet is daar echter al lang over 😉

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