Roos Van ackerI cannot say I felt nothing when I saw the latest Humo cover. It started with “Mmmmm … Roos Van Acker” (I’m a guy, what can I say, I’m not alone in this).

But then my rational side took over. I started worrying about the damage this must do to her personality. Admit: she has been on the coverpage of Humo a couple of dozen times in various states of undress (the most famous one where she only holds 2 coconuts as an improvised bra) and she has just be chosen for X-th time in Humo’s Pop Poll in the category ‘Who do you want to see naked?” (“Wie wilt u uit de kleren zien gaan“). Thousands of men screaming to see your breasts, that can’t be beneficial for a girl’s self-esteem. We should really stop, guys, before it’s too late. Chances are that in 5 to 10 years, there will be no crowds cheering for her to drop her top and we don’t want her to fall into a depression and stuff herself with chocolate.

So here’s my plea:

” Dear Roos, I am no longer interested in your curves or what you look like without clothes. I’m eager to know what happens in that brain of yours. What you think about culture, religion, politics and modern feminism. What you have experienced and observed in your career. The strain of being a blonde in the entertainment industry. How civilisation is different in Asia. The psychology of men and women. Group dynamics when shooting a show on an island. Stand-up comedy evolution in Belgium.
Leave the bikini-shoots for the Veronique Decocks and Tanja Dexters. We know you have breasts, and that they’re probably very nice, but that’s a detail. You’re gonna be 30 this year, flash some wisdom. ”

Somebody had to say it.