Golf, a tribute

A friend of mine, Kurt Deruyter, has just spent most of last year travelling around Europe taking pictures of the most idyllic golf courses. How’s that for a job? The result is not just any photo book, but the biggest coffee-table book on golf ever published. Funny detail: when you buy a copy, you actually get a coffee table with it. The book, when opened, measures 60 cm by 140 cm (22.6 inch by 55.1 inch).

Does it come cheap? Well, golf isn’t exactly a sport for the poor and the needy, is it? The most common version comes at 4.400 euro, and the “Club edition” (26 copies worldwide) is a hefty 10.000 euro. Although there is one copy on display in the Brussels’ FNAC, I guess the typical customer would a wealthy golf player or probably even golf club.

The pictures are stunning and the book was obviously made with the best materials. It can be ordered from Booksinspired.

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