She good writer #1

She good writerLet’s introduce some blogs that are worth spending some time on, but non-technical and written by women.

The first blog is written by Ingrid Coppé, the director of the short film “Another Day“. She’s currently working in New-Zealand on some movies. She has a very sharp sense of humour and doesn’t take herself too seriously. And she’s Bieke’s best friend.

Here’s a record of a conversation she had on LAX airport, when picking up a ringing payphone.

– Hello?
– Hi, Is Andrew there?
– Euh, I don’t think so, I don’t know, there is probably one Andrew here, but I don’t know.
– Is this 818 564 784 (ok; the number might not be the number he said,.. so sue me, what am I, Rainman???)
– Euh, I don’t know. You called a payphone in the transit area of LAX. I am waiting for my plane to New Zealand.
– Oh, New Zealand? I lived in Queenstown for a while. Have you ever been to Queenstown?
– Yes, a few weeks ago on vacation.
– Isn’t it the most amazing place? I loved it.
– Yes, it is pretty wild. Quite expensive though, but lovely, I want to go back there.
– You definitely should, I would love to go back there too.


– Listen, they just made an announcement. I have to go.
– Yeah, I heard.
– I hope you find Andrew.
– (laughs) Have fun in New Zealand
– I will, thanks.

And in a split second I think: Was that the man of my life that I just hung up on?


PS: the title of the post is a reference to “She good fighter” a monument of belgian lesbian fighting film history *chuckle*.

3 thoughts on “She good writer #1”

  1. Well actually!!! She not workingon any films at all.. don’t know who really thinks she’s doing that..she was working in a pub…serving!!

  2. dear greg,

    Maybe your comment was a little presumptious. Because, If you would have taken a quick scroll thru my blog (I know, it ‘s hard.. when it’s with words and stuff…), you might have seen that I talk about all my experiences in NZ: from working on that movie to serving beer and mussels on minimumwage in a belgian bar.
    But maybe you are right, maybe it ‘s time to hire me a ghostwriter to do the writing for me (very britney spears/posh spice). Rest assure: You would be my first one I’d call as you seem to know so much about my life and I nothing about yours. The way it should, with my ghost writer.

    Kind regards in any case,


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