She good writer #2

She good writer
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The second girl blogger that I want to put in the spotlight is Trish, a friend of mine who writes Havedaydotcom. She’s an American copywriter who has been living in Brussels for more than 10 years now. Her dad is Italian and her mom is Irish, which might explain her expressive body language and impressive drinking skills.

This is a quote from a conversation she had with a Hungarian carpenter, while on holiday in Ireland, standing just outside a bar (obviously).

“What do you do in America?”
“Well, I don’t live in America anymore, I live in Belgium – in Brussels.”
“Brussels is a nice place. Not have I made a visit there but I have friends who visit.”
“It’s a nice place. I like living there. I am a writer but nothing as impressive as working for a newspaper. My writing is only on websites and in brochures and catalogues.”
“But that is still writing. You like writing?”
“Yes, I do. I like it very much. One day I hope I will write a book, but it’s progressing slowly.”
“It goes and you must go on doing it. It will be finish one day.”
“What is your book about?”
“I want write— I want to write a book called IRISH SUMMER.”
“I like the title. Where does it come from?”
“It will write about the summer in Ireland that all of the people are speaking about coming, even though, it never comes.”
I laughed and asked him about his life as an expat in Ireland (collecting expat stories is my obsession.) My friends came outside to announce that we had to leave. One of them handed me my pint and dared me to down it in one go. Their sudden presence added to the ambiance of our discussion: that living far from our native countries gives us the advantage of viewing people and places from a different and often interesting vantage point. (I downed the pint, no problem, I am also part Irish.)

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