Rails Conference in London – who’s coming?

RailsConf Europe
Who wants to join in for the September Rails Conference in London? Let’s set up a nice Belgian delegation!

We can get a group discount:

  • 5 or more delegates and get 10% discount
  • 10 or more delegates and get 15% discount

This is the reason why I’m asking this now:

  • May 15th and pay just £400/delegate
  • May 30th and pay just £425/delegate
  • June 30th and pay just £450/delegate
  • July 30th and pay £475/delegate
  • August 30th and pay £525/delegate
  • September 10th and pay £575/delegate

So: leave your details here if you want to join: if we get to 5 people by May 15, we take the 10% discount (£360 = 526 euro), if we don’t, but we get to 10 people by May 30th (Barcamp Brussels might help), we take the 15% discount (also £360), if not, it’s everyone to themselves.

Confirmed speakers:

The conference is already packed with exciting speakers, including the creator of Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas, best-selling author and passion maven Kathy Sierra, Rails core developers Jamis Buck, Marcel Molina, Jr., Thomas Fuchs, Rails authors and trainers David Alan Black, and Chad Fowler, Rake author Jim Weirich and many more to be announced.
(from europe.railsconf.org)

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