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I just updated one of my web tools that definitely needed it: the Blogcentral Blog Dashboard.The idea is to give the relevant data for your blog (blog name, blog URL, feed URL, author name) and then get a dashboard page (that you can bookmark) which gives you easy access to all blog search engines, rankings and ping services.

Web tool: blogcentral

I have been using the old version for quite a time already (mainly for Technorati stats), but now it even includes Alexa ranking, Egosurf, BlogPulse, -Digger, -Lines, -Shares, Google/Blogger, Sphere and Icerocket. Try it out and investigate that blog ego!

4 thoughts on “BlogCentral: your blog dashboard”

  1. Some more (a bit exotic, I know):

    Eh-list: amateurish design, but a nice overview of your link popularity history
    (the url redirects to a public URL with your history, and creates a new history page if request it for the first time – I got the URL by transforming a post to a get at )

    Digg citation search:
    See my blogpost on that:

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