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One of the memes going round for the moment is a guy whose girlfriend will let him live his dream (a threesome) if his website receives 5.000.000 hits by the end of this year. It’s a bit like the million-dollar-page but with a (sexy) twist. I first read it through Littl’ Q (where she gets her info from, that’s a mystery) and when I saw it hitting the Belgian mainstream Standaard Blog, I took a look at the page.

Looks authentic

First impressions

As one would say in French: “plutot sympa”. You see the couple: Richard Green, an ex-cricket player and Rachel Greenwood both smiling in the camera while they draw up the paperwork. They look like ‘regular people’. The site is very simple (1 page, 1 image of the contract, and a small home video of the two confirming the deal) and the layout looks like it might have been done by a non-webdesigner. To be honest, real beginners tend to be overenthusiastic with fonts and colors but this site is not like that.

But then: a text ad for a “hardc0re video” on top of the page, a banner for “Lucymail free p0rn” on the bottom and a mentioning of the bandwidth hosting by Original Blue Pill. Not that sympa anymore. So I dug a bit deeper.

View source

Let’s take look at the HTML code. It’s obviously not written by hand, the excess font tags and design with tables make me think of some WYSIWYG editor like Frontpage. So that still fits the amateur web author profile. But then at the bottom: a Websitestory HBX counter. That is not a free web statistics service, like most amateurs would use, but a high-end rather expensive tool, something professionals need. The customer code of the HBX counter points to a company NetCollex. This company, based in Thames Road, Barking, Essex, is specialized in adult web sites, and quite well-known for it. Doesn’t sound that innocent anymore, does it?


The site is hosted by Mistral, a large UK hoster. That does not tell us a lot. The DNS Whois lookup, however, is more revealing:
But is probably not that authentic
The address does ring a bell. is one of the NetCollex domains. Richard seems to be quite close to these guys.

My theories

Depending on how much faith you have in humanity, I have 2 theories for you:

1. NetCollex are nice people
Poor Richard. His girlfriend just promised him a threesome with another girl, but only if he can make a website that gets 5.000.000 hits. That sure sounds like a lot. He calls up his old school buddy Martin because he’s doing some kind of internet stuff. “Hey Martin, you know me, I only know how to drink and chat up girls, I wouldn’t know how to make a site. Can you help me out on this one?” Martin, who works at NetCollex, pitches the idea to his marketing manager who likes the idea. “OK, we’ll make the site and pay for the bandwidth, but we will put some ads on the page. Nothing too offensive. Is that OK with him?” Martin agrees, they all have a Guiness or four, and one week later is on-line.
2. Netcollex are shrewd people
“Hey boss, have you seen this milliondollarpage site? I bet you I could make something viral like that, and it would make us money.” Boss agrees, and Martin writes down the scenario: he needs 2 actors, they can be a couple,but that’s not necessary, who should look insuspicious (no boob job or piercings in odd places). The site should be not too professional, as if it were created by the guy himself. The angle of the story should be simple and sexy, in a playful way, not too kinky. Key points: it should look authentic, and it should be the first of its kind. There’s no money in being second.
Their casting process comes up with a nice couple: he’s a former sports jock, she’s cute but not too stunning, they both have an ‘normal’ thing about them, and they need the money. They agree on the price for the initial viral campaign, and on the fee for selling pictures and videos of the threesome, should it go through. The site is launched and announced in the adult newspaper Sunday Sport that NetCollex owns. The news is taken over on June 11th by LSE and the rollercoaster ride begins.

Call me a cynic, but my money’s on theory 2.

15 thoughts on “Please make this pay”

  1. I had the same suspicions about . There where flyers plastered all over the place that had the website adress in BIG. It looked like a guerilla marketing campaign.
    So I whois the DNS: Maxevent bvba in Mol ? An events agency?

    4 theories:

    1. Tamara’s gone.
    2. It’s a campaign for Nokia
    3. It’s a campaign for Speed Style jackets
    4. It’s a campaign for peroxide hair bleachener

  2. Detective Forret, protect and serve … 🙂

    But you’re probably right, we have to be on the look out for such hoaxes more and more in the future.

  3. I agree, theory 2 sounds plausible.

    The thing is, it’s so easy to create good-looking websites nowadays, that obvious amateuristic sites with banners immediately look suspicious. Anyway, could’ve fooled me, you dug better than me 🙂

  4. Theory 2 is possible. However the banner could just be an extra means of income (image the CPC conversion he could get with 5 million visitors ; that’s added cash). Also the fact he is using a ‘professional’ counter could just mean he wants to leave nothing to chance. If this is true, imagine the horror if counter failed 😉 But yes, we must be on the lookout for these type of hoaxes,… in this case rather harmless though.

  5. As to the lad mintioning that it’s harmless. True it may have seemed harmless. But think of this. The site placed a cookie on my machine on the first visit (Normal) but when I went back again. It left another without doing anything to the first. Plus the software some people need to install to even see the picture. I am on a linux box and have no browser plug-ins inabled. So it asked me to download the one from the site (NO!). Over five million people, and I’m sure there where a lot leaving there email address at the bottom in hopes of a free show….. I hope it’s worth it for those poor fools. I also don’t remember seeing an email privacy statement anywhere on the site. So they can pretty much do as they want with them.

  6. The plot thickens:

    **Double or Quits**
    Latest news: If I can get to 15 million Katie has said I can have a foursome
    Katie plus 2 other girls so I am going for it!!!!!!!

    Keep on coming to my website – we are going to publish pictures of the girls soon –
    you can choose 2 girls for myself and katie – leave you email address at the bottom of the page for updates.

  7. The address details that was mentioned at the front of this post actualy belongs to an adult dvd suppler who seels adult dvds to the whole of the uk and most of the world.

  8. You may think Richad and Katie are a con, but I actually know its all for real.

    It began quite innocently and basically as a joke and then when Richards grant was wished they decided to turn it into a video and try and make some money, which they have done.

    The main problem is now Richard and KAtie have split up because Richard is jelous of Katie and Holly and is unsure about the foresome.

    The plot thickens…

  9. oh come one jealous about holly and katie is bullshit, they said the vid would be free then changed thier mind, it was a scam from the start. considering that katie was apprehensive she sure seems to be the main person behind it all now, richard was a stooge, they where always gonna split up, its too convieniant he is jealous that bullshit

  10. I know katie , she will do whatever she wants to do, she would cheat on her boyfriend with his neighbour

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