From XP to Vista back to XP

I finally got too fed up working with a crippled PC and installed the Windows Vista Beta 2 on my laptop. It looks really nice, although slightly slow. I connected my camera and, lo and behold, the Picture import works flawlessly, creating a separate folder per session, the Vista Photo browser and editor remind me a lot of Google’s Picasa. Internet Explorer 7 has tabbed browsing at last, and seemed quite stable and robust. In all, I was quite happy to have a working system again.
vista performance: I'm a '2'

But then I connected my iPod nano. The drivers loaded automatically so that felt normal. But ever since, my IE hasn’t worked anymore. It starts up, takes 100% CPU and does nothing useful. Every time I connect my camera, the Windows Explorer crashes. I can manually start up the Picture importer, sure, but for a system with almost no applications installed, that feels wrong. I get warnings saying applications and/or drivers crash, and that might be fixed in the next ‘Customer Release’.

My patience with poorly working computers being at an all-time low, I just popped in the Acer recovery system, and am installing Windows XP again. I’ll gladly try Vista once it’s out of beta, and when I have a more powerful system. For now, I need a dependable laptop.

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  1. Peter, you are right. In its current state, it is not recommended to run Windows Vista Beta 2 for “production” purposes. Especially not if you encounter problems or too slow performance to work comfortably… It’s nice though, that you really took the time to install and test the beta. 😉

  2. Bought two new pcs, one for my assistant and one for me. Both have Vista, now the majority of the peripherals don’t work, no drivers, pc’s freezing all the time, asks me too many questions during my work day to get work done. I feel like a mom with nagging kids pulling at my skirt all the time. Mom,…Mom…..MOOOOOMMMMM…..

    back to xp for us. We’ve lost 2 weeks productivity making the switch and I’m really really really pissed about it.


  3. God I’m fed up with Vista. I had it installed on my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1718 since I bought it and there were no drivers for this notebook. After that I found out that there are no drivers on the actual Fujitsu Siemens official support website. I searched around the net and found so many people looking for drivers for their notebooks and complaining that there are no xp drivers nowhere. This is a move by microsoft and I’m sure in that. They did this on purpose. They somehow bribed the manufacturers not to include xp drivers and I’m so pissed by this. I hate microsoft!

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