Miami Vicious

I went to the “Miami Vice” opening yesterday. It was disappointing: unnecessary, unrealistic and generally unnerving.
Miami Vice
I had most problems with Colin Farrell as Sonny Crockett. He looked like a hillbilly with a mullet and a stuble that was beyond fashionable (Don Johnson shaved, at least). Jamie Foxx (as Ricardo Tubbs) was all muscle and almost no dialogue. Li Gong (the Chinese love interest of Sonny) only has 2 expressions (angry and tough), as does Naomi Harris (girlfriend of Tubbs) – oh no, she has a third: the expressionless I’m-in-a-coma look. The omission of Jan Hammer’s music is stupid, since it was only replaced with mediocre shit. The tone of the movie hesitates between boring and over-the-top. The lack of realism was not amusing, like it was in Kill Bill.

Some of the camera work was interesting, sometimes the lack of soundtrack was also interesting (if you’re into shot gun sounds), but overall it was a waste of time (a lot of people left the theatre during the movie). Other people might disagree, but I think the movie sucked. Michael killed one of his babies.

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