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One of the more popular pages on this blog is the post about Richard and Katie: if his site reached 5.000.000 hits, she would allow him to have a threesome ( It’s been three months now, so one wonders: did it work? Well … kind of.

Richard and Katie

Richard, Katie and HollyThe old URL now consists of a redirect page to (NSFW). On this new site, we learn that the three-way action did take place, it took a full 45 minutes and they’re still editing it into a 20-minute video that will be available soon. The reinforcement they invited goes by the name of Holly, a dark-haired girl with an above-average cup-size.

The video will be put up on the site a.s.a.p its taking a few days due to editing – because believe me there are a couple of things that should be left to the imagination – for one my inability to perform during the first half hour… but more on that another day!!!

There is a preview of the video, some screenshots from the video, an empty “Daily Journal”, an empty “Your videos”, some pictures on the “Your pictures” page and a “Chat board” (a phpBB forum). They promise to update the site on a daily basis, and I think they mean with that the forum they started on August 11th. Most comments there are either “when will the video be ready“, “is this for real” or “I think threesomes are bad for your relationship/ emancipation/ ego/ knees/…“. Richard concludes most discussions with “wait and see!”.

Richard and Katie banner


They sure did a better job of hiding their tracks this time. Their domain name has only a name, but no email – impossible to trace.

Domain name:
Registrant: Barry Mason
Registrant type: UK Individual
Registrant’s address: The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service.

The HTML quality has deteriorated: no <HTML> tag, no </HEAD> tag, so it might actually be Richard now who’s making the site (or Holly, who knows what other talents she has). The pro-series stats counter is gone, and the whole site make a more modest impression.


The site is sponsored by Golden Root, a provider of blue pills, and they include a quote from Richard: he has used them for his prior film appearance, and will be using them again for his foursome. What foursome? No more info is included on the site. (Apparently it’s the same bet, but now with 15 Mio hits) An extra 2 girls? An extra 2 guys? Some battery-powered devices? Who knows…

Why the new domain name? Maybe they sold the first domain name for a good price with a redirect-for-a-period clause. Maybe they realized they had 2 brand names (the pleasemakethiswork domain, and the Richard & Katie personalities) and they would be worth more when split up. But I think their momentum is gone. Somehow I feel they might not get to their 15-millions-of-fame (hits, that is).

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