Best way to store one terabyte?

Petabox - 100TB in a rack
I’ve gotten quite some response on my Netgear SC101 post (in short: they don’t always work). There’s some catharsis in bashing inferior products, but at the end of the day, how DOES on store lots of data securely? Let’s make this more specific: how would you store 1 terabyte (1000 GB) of data on your desktop?
Let take these as requirements:

What have you tried and what are you happy with?

Some possible theoretical options:

Direct attached drive
e.g. Lacie Biggest F800 1GB, 4-disk S-ATA: €1299
meets requirements? YES. Only Firewire + USB
Network attached storage
e.g. Maxtor Shared Storage II 1GB, 2-disk: €899
meets requirements? YES. Only Ethernet
Lacie Ethernet disk would not work: it’s rackmounted and has no RAID
Build your own server
e.g. Dell PowerEdge SC430 with 2 x SATA 500GB drives and Linux: around €1000
meets requirements? YES. Only Ethernet

For me, the only solution I have experienced to be 100% reliable is building a dedicated PC with a hardware RAID card. What is your experience?

💬 hardware