Starkdigital: fake web shop

While writing my previous post on the Canon 400D camera, I came across a site that advertises one such camera at €380 – with ‘free international shipping’. The 30D they sell for €480 and the professional 5D for €1400. At a respectable online shop like Foto Konijnenberg, those prices are €739, €1199 and €3139, respectively. So is this too good to be true? Yes indeed, it is!

Uk-based(?) webstore (gone, but resurrected as,,,,,,, and has given this concept a new, and far more sinister, twist. Read on to learn how the scam works.

StarkDigital: fake shop

I clicked on an Google Adsense ad that said “a 400D for €380” and was redirected to The site is now down, but at that moment, it looked like a bona-fide site, only with ridiculously low prices. They let you buy something, and when you check out, the only way of paying is Western Union, i.e. sending real money to another place. Once it’s arrived, they collect it and never send you your goods. The FBI calls this a Non-Delivery of Merchandise scheme. Also detected by aa419 (“Artists Against 419” or anti scam site)


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